Curing Rheumatoid Arthritis

The common cause of arthritis is due to immune deficiency.  This deficiency can be corrected through detoxification, and then healing the cells through the application of nutritional foods, along with vitamin, minerals, and botanical hormones therapy if needed.  One of the contributing factor of a weakened immune system can be nerve interference.  Our body often reacts to such disruptions with inflammatory symptoms.  If we don't correct these causes, poor circulation will bring on chronic inflammation and what is worse, the inability of the body to remove waste material or toxins.  During this stage, the body must be cleansed of the toxic buildup.  It is then that once can experience innate healing when pursuing nutritional and hormonal balance.


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Curing Arthritis

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Decision Whether To Take Arthritis Medications
Every one of us are different and you ask your doctor questions about your medications which will help you feel more informed about the choices being made.

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