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      “Being rich is having money; being wealthy is having time”
*--  Margaret Bonnano

"If a man is proud of his wealth, he should not be praised until it is known how he employs it."
*-- Socrates

"Books are the treasured wealth of the world and the fit inheritance of generations and nations."
*-- Henry David Thoreau


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Wealth Conscious Articles

The Thought of Being Rich Or Poor
A rich man took his son to a village to show what poverty is all about. He thought his son must understand the difference between rich and poor. The man took his son to a village and pointed to kids playing.......

The Universal Laws Of Cause and Effect
We have to remember that everything we say or think comes back to us multiplied. Cause and Effect. If we yell at a driver for cutting us off on the freeway and make some angry, disparaging remark.......

Fear Of Poverty And How To Deal With It
No one likes poverty and it had become one of the most destructive fears that ever exist. The fear of poverty often prevents people from creating value and wealth. The person who constantly experiences.......

The Millionaire Next Door
On average, millionaires spend significantly more hours per month studying and planning their future investment decisions, as well as managing their current investments, than high-income nonmillionaires.

Information Give You Potential To Make Money
There is an old saying that knowledge give ones power and power can be turn into money. This is a really a very true statement. If you can take the knowledge that you have learned now and go back in time.......

Does Money Make You Happy
If happiness was a tangible thing which could be stored in warehouses and sold in markets, then one could buy it from Carrefour or Wall Mart, but it is intangible; a feeling which lacks an agreed- upon definition.......

Simple Ideas For Financial Freedom
Everyone of us wants to attract more wealth into our life.  This is in spite of money not really the only means for a happier, more satisfying and fulfilling life.  However, having plenty of money does a lot to make.......

Get Rid Of Debt Quick To Build Wealth
Alright. It is the beginning of the brand-new year.  If you're celebrating the New Year, you are off to a good start in clearing yourself from any debts right. Correct? Wait, ABSOLUTELY NO? Why? If you're completely buried.......

Save As well as Earn Money In Current Economic Climate
There are two frequently asked questions: "How can I cut costs and have savings in the current economy", as well as "How will I make money in the current economic climate?. As usual, history is our best teacher.......

Steps To Successful Mindset
Everyone can have the life they desire. You have everything you need and what you need is a mind and a heart to follow your dreams. Just the fact that you have a dream means you can make it come true with steps to successful.......

Meaning of Abundant Life
Many people around the world spend thousands of dollars and many years searching for meaning of abundant life without ever gaining it. The search finally ends. That goal that has consumed your mind so long and pushes to attain.....

Stop Holding Yourself Back
Humans on earth are all meant to exist in a space that is effortless and transparent of need. The human drive to excel for monetary gain that we are accustomed with is false for it will not fulfill the true need of wellness.......

Somehow You Just Got To Do It
The wealth building ideas that are embracing your financial empowerment resembles many other areas in life occurred to me the other day while I was walking. I find that those aha moments often come into place when my.......

Important Of Improving Financial Knowledge
Gaining financial literacy is one of those topic that is not very popular in mainstream education, but that does not mean that it is not important. If you happened to be lucky enought to be living in a society which is by........

Thoughts From The Universe
First, do believe that your desires will eventually become your reality. Manifestation of your thought desires will let you be in full control of it towards the type of life that probably a lot of people is dreaming of.......

All Of Us Wish To Be Rich
In today materialistic world, all of us wants to get rich so that we can purchase our ipad, iphone, smart tv etc without giving money a thought. None of us wants to remain poor until death find us. Due to those reasons, all of us.......

Attracting An Abundant Life
When you take a close study of the people around you, had it ever occur to you that why some people seemed to be so lucky and enjoying an abundant life and why others are not? Isn't it possible for a person to change their fate.......

Retirement Plan Means Thinking Ahead
Retirement planning is great for those who think ahead of time because retirement planning accomplishes two things when the exact time comes. The first thing is what you achieved is your personal fulfillment once you achieve.......

Making Money From Solving Problems
Just take a look at how you earn your monthly salary.  Did it ever occur to you are providing a service to others to solve a problem? Just stop and give some thoughts to it, what solution have you provided for a problem........

Increasing Individual Wealth With Simple Plans
Individual wealth building strategies have never been the results of accidental occurrences but rather through well planned and properly executed ideologies. Increasing ones personal wealth always begins.......

Programming The Mind Towards A Million
There can be many ways for you to become a tree producing a million dollars. The focus point is to start working with the roots. Your roots need rejuvenating.  The initial step is to figure out where you are standing.......

The Key To Attracting Wealth
All of us at some point of time or the other have dreamt having a million dollar saving account and enjoying the luxuries of life. Many of us think that to become cash rich, there is a shortcut route. In reality, attracting.......

Tried And Tested Methods Of Creating Wealth
Generating wealth need not be an endless struggle. Very often the thought of how to increase our wealth leaves us depressed because we feel that we cannot do it.  Many employees who want to free themselves.......

For Those Who Desire To Be Millionaires
People who are millionaires do think and act in the same ways most of the time. The only thing that sets them apart from an average person is their financial thermostats. The millionaire's financial mindset is set for millions.......

Valuating Your Money And Time
If I told you that someone anonymously had deposits 86,400 cents in your bank account every single day This will amounts to 864 of free cash every single day without you doing any work. It's all yours to spend however you........

Passive Income Is The Most Secure Salary
If you are one of those who are working a regular nine to five job, you may be feeling secure about receiving a weekly or semi-monthly compensation to take care of your living expenditure, but if you really want......

Golden Tips For Building Wealth
When it comes to growing your wealth, there are some things you need to keep in mind. Many financially secure people who have become successful and wealthy in the past all share some things in common. If you want.......

Steps To Be Successful In Making Money
Teaching people to use time in order to make more money is something that is fairly difficult to do. Here, we are going to show you an example how time works against you to grow your money and how it costs more in the.......

Seeking Ways To Put Money At Work
The working class are often seeking different ways to earn money, and everyone tries to find the best way so that he or she can get rich fast.  When we see the world from only one point of view, it seems that there is a huge.......

Not Achieving Financial Success
Some of you people may treat wealth as the key to a never ending happy life. You may even think that every problem can be solved with money alone. Or you may had known people who are determined to have wealth.......

Pointers Towards Achieving Financial Freedom
Like you, many people including myself have asked why some people are wealthy and others are not. It is shocking to know that the belief or the subconscious mind can play a crucial role in crafting the future......

Becoming Millionaires Via Sheer Determination
The main reason behind any types of education is not merely acquiring a diploma or degree in a particular field.  The fundamental principle of receiving a good education is to develop certain necessary skills.......

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