Enzymes From Uncooked Food Aid Arthritis


Raw vegetables and fruits in its natural state prior to being over-processed and homogenize, could give us an abundance of nutrition and energy right up to old age.  If the majority of our vegetables and fruits are cooked instead of raw, we are in fact missing out on essential enzymes and amino acids.  Amino acids play a central role both as building blocks of proteins and as intermediates in metabolism.  Enzymes could become the medicine of the future for not only arthritis, but also cancer and many other types of chronic diseases.

Arthritic Condition

When you change diet to include foods rich in protein from vegetable sources, it will be beneficial for tissue growth and repair.  For those who took only meats, animal protein can be taxing on the kidneys and liver because it can cause a buildup of certain toxins such as nitrogen, which may then be transformed into uric acid.  When there are too much uric acid accumulated in the system, crystals of the substance can be deposited into the joint space, leading to a painful arthritic condition known as gout. Consuming enzyme called uricase which is not produced by our body has been found to be useful for the breakdown of uric acid.

High Protein

Intake of excessive amounts of protein can cause our calcium reserve in the bones to be withdrawn in order to alkalinize (neutralize) the increase acidity of the blood created during the digesting of the protein.  People whose diets are high in protein have been associated with poor bone health. High protein intake, regardless of how high the calcium consumption is, has been shown to cause more calcium to be excreted in the urine than is absorbed by our body.  This same leaching of calcium has also been found in the presence of high levels of phosphoric acid from cola intake as well as from caffeine and smoking by-products.

Natural Enzymes

The natural enzymes in our foods aid digestion in transforming proteins into amino acids, and proteins cannot function in our body unless it's broken down.  Cooking our food destroys approximately eighty-five percent of its original nutrients as well as many of its enzymes.  When food has been subjected to high temperatures, much of the protein will be destroyed or converted to new forms which are either not digestible by our body enzymes or digested with difficulty.

Natural Biological Aids

The Medical Enzyme Research Institute has proved how enzymes can be used to alleviate the symptoms of rheumatologic disorders, including morning stiffness, joint swelling, pain and loss of strength and flexibility.  Enzymes are known to be natural biological aids that remove foreign agents found in the blood, in the synovial fluid and in the cartilage of the joints.

Enzyme Combination

Do you know that enzyme combinations aid in various digestive activities? Consuming a balanced enzyme combination is far more effective than taking just enzyme alone. For example, pancreatin and bromelain when taken together become natural anti-inflammatory agents, making them effective for rheumatoid arthritis sufferers.  Bromelain enhances the assimilation of pancreatin, improving our digestion.  Papain, which derived from papaya, digests not only wheat gluten, but also other proteins.  Similarly, protease or peptidase also functions in protein breakdown.  These enzymes support the human immune system.  Lipase, found primarily in seeds, nuts and some fruits, breaks our body fats down into their simplest forms, monoglycerides and fatty acids.  Carbohydrate breakdown is completed by the enzyme amylase.  This enzyme breaks down starch into simple sugars and subsequently turns them into glucose.  As you can see, each of these different enzymes is necessary for the proper breakdown of our foods; their combination helps our body to reduce a buildup of toxins and subsequent deterioration of the joints.


As you can see, enzyme does good to our body and it only comes from uncooked vegetables or fruits. However, pesticides and other poisonous chemicals used in growing fruit and vegetables could be putting us at risk if you do not wash all your fruits and vegetables probably. Washing them with 2% of salt water will remove most of the contact pesticide residues that normally appear on the surface of the vegetables and fruits.

Curing Arthritis

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