Common Foot Problems And Healthy Tips For Foot Care

We should give thanks to our foot that bring us anywhere we wish to go.  It pays to understand your foot so that you can better take care of them.  Have you ever realized that our foot is considered as one of the best-engineered parts of the body. Each of our foot has 33 joints, eight arches, 26 bones, more than 100 muscles, over 100 ligaments, and tendons that all work together to distribute body weight and allow movement. The skin on our feet has nearly 7,000 nerve endings and there are nearly 125,000 sweat glands on each foot, highest than anywhere in the body.

At different stages of our life, many people will be suffering from some type of foot problems in their lives. Many foot-related problems are developed from abuse, and some are caused by inherent malformations and disabilities.  

The followings are the few common foot problems that many of us face. 

Cold and Numb Feet
This problem occurs due to a lack of proper blood circulation. Numb and cold feet are the result of very limited or no activity, leading to blockage of one of the arteries which reduces blood circulation; moreover, the feet do not have enough fat to act as insulation. In such conditions keep your feet warm with proper socks and constant movements so that blood circulation is stimulated. Twitching your toes and changing the position of the feet also helps. In some cases rolling around object on the floor with the soles of the feet also stimulates circulation and keeps the feet active. Apply an iodine ointment on chilblains. Soaking feet in hot water also increases circulation in the feet.
It is a cone shaped thickening of the outer skin layer. Corns are caused by friction and pressure from shoes that don't fit properly. An immediate treatment of a corn is to carefully shave off the rough upper skin with a plastic shaver, without causing bleeding and to use a corn plaster to soften the skin. Corn plasters are available at chemist shops. You can even use the paste of crushed garlic to ease painful corns.
CAUTION: Those who are diabetic patient should not use a shaver; instead, get medical advice.
Like corns, collouses are the thickened layer of the outer skin, which develop under the foot especially in the area between the big toe nails and base of the small toes. callouses should be rubbed with a pumice stone or shaven off with a plastic razor. You must apply an antiseptic lotion later, as a precaution. But don't try to treat any aggravated condition yourself. Have it checked by a physician or a chiropodist.
Heel Pain
Pain in the heels is generally very severe in the morning and diminishes during the day. It is caused by bursitis that can be relieved by injecting medicine in the heel. You can reduce pain in the heels by reducing pressure on it. You can wear softy padded heeled sandals to alleviate the pain.
Itching Feet
Athlete’s foot causes fungus, which leads to itchy feet, redness and blisters. Keep your feet dry and well powdered if you sweat too much because it is the moist area between the toes that creates these problems
Feet Eczema
Synthetics and plastic materials can cause feet eczema. Apply the juices of Tulsi leaves thrice a day for a fast cure. Stick to natural leather sandals and cotton socks. If it gets worse, get medical advice.

Foot Care of Our Common Foot Problems

Now, after understanding our common foot problems, here are some healthy tips to take care of our our foot.

- In order to retain healthy feet, you must make an effort to take care of your feet. 

- Wash your feet every day in lukewarm soapy water but do not soak the feet as this can cause excessive dryness of feet. 

- Dry your feet completely, especially in between the toes and moisturizing cream should be applied all over the feet, but not in between the toes.

- Remove any hard skin. You may smoothly rub with a pumice stone or a skin file.

- Cut toenails with a nail trimmer. Trim them straight across the toe and not too short. Don't cut out or dig at corners. 

- Regularly scrub your feet, mainly the heels, using a foot scrubber. It helps in removing the dead cells and making feet softer.

- Only clean socks or stockings must be used, shoes must be changed daily. Don't wear any socks or shoes that are too short or too tight.

- Examine your feet regularly with mirror and if there are any defects or infections, then immediately consult a doctor. Never do self-treatment for feet.
Conclusion of Common Foot Problems

Foot disorders must be identified and treated in early stage, as they become very painful and humiliating in later stage. In some cases, some painful foot abnormalities are warning signs of even more serious diseases like diabetes, circulatory disorders, and nerve problems. So, do a self-check in early stages to avoid further complications.

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