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Dorothea Brande Quotes

Hope you enjoy the following quotes written by Dorothea Brande:

"We know that those who succeed see the same sunsets, breathe the same air, love and are loved no less than failures; and in addition they have something more: the knowledge that they have chosen to move in the direction of life and growth instead of acquiescing in death and decay."

"Act as if it were impossible to fail."

"Confident, steady, freely-flowing action is what we need."

"The mind, cleared of its doubts, begins to expand and enjoy its own activity; the rewards of satisfactory action begin to show themselves."

"The only one to impress, at least at first, is yourself, and that only to the extent of making yourself a congenial working-atmosphere."

"Remember again that 'Success depends on a plus condition of mind and body, on power of work, on courage'."

"I believe one of the prerequisites for success is to sink oneself into a surly silence."

"The man or woman who can speak or be silent as he chooses is the individual who has self-control."

"One of the worst wiles of Will to Fail is that it forces its victim to ask for unnecessary advice."

"If you are a creative worker, remember that time spent in finding an independent technique is seldom wasted."

"If you ask for help, or put yourself into the relation of a pupil to a teacher, learn to advance by your mistakes instead of suffering through them."

"If you are in school, or taking class or private instruction, it is wise to take every opportunity to ask well-considered questions, then to act on the information, and finally - and very important - to report to your instructor as to your success or failure through following his advice."

"The person who is looking for an excuse to blame his failure on another or who will not, if he can help it, grow up and settle his own difficulties, will go on asking advice until he draws his last breath, and even the astutest consultant may be forgiven if he sometimes mistakes an infrequent questioner for one of the weaker type."

"That change will only be made by the person who is imaginative about his work, who can not only analyze the present form of an object into its essential parts, but who can imaginatively enter the life of the person who is to use it later."

"If you feel that a truly grave mistake is being made, take a few hours to draw up the situation as you see it, show how you think the new decision will alter matters, why you think it is a mistake, or why an alternative plan should be adopted."

"Try also to be willing to see your work and suggestions acted upon without receiving immediate acknowledgement that the ideas originated with you."

"Fact gathering is one activity of the intellect; and where a little training in independent judgment has accompanied or preceded it, so that correct conclusions concerning the facts are independently reached, it is a valuable one."

Contributed by Dorothea Brande
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