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Lynn Williams Quotes

Hope you enjoy the following quotes written by Lynn Williams:

"Positive thinkers give much more of their time and attention to what is positive than to what is negative."

"Positive thinkers don't become that way by burying their heads in the sand and pretending that everything is sunshine and roses; they use specific life skills to determinedly take charge of their lives."

"Retaining a positive outlook is relatively simple when you can focus on what's important to you, direct your energy into developing your skills and talents, know your wants and preferences will be met, and make long-term plans that take your values and priorities into account."

"When you have a strong, clear overview of your direction, you can relate your actions to an end purpose rather than just undertaking a series of meaningless tasks."

"With a definite sense of where you want to go, you can be flexible and creative about how you get there.  Knowing clearly what you are aiming for allows you to recognise and make use of any opportunities that come your way."

"Optimistic thinkers are usually positive people because they approach life with the expectation that a happy outcome is both desirable and possible."

"Optimists look at their lives in terms of success rather than setbacks.  They focus on what they have achieved, however little, rather than dwelling on what might have been and where they have failed."

"You need to focus on your successes and acknowledge and enjoy them, and minimise your failures, putting them into perspective."

"When you know what the negative aspects are, having already found out the positive and the interesting ones, don't just dwell on them, work out what went wrong and decide how you will do things differently in the future.  Look for solutions."

"The biggest threat to energy is stress.  A little of it can add a bit of spice of life; too much is a major problem."

"Knowing that you can meet the challenge and deal with stress is more positive than living in fear of it."

"Adopting the habit of taking a little regular exercise will pay big dividends in terms of fitness.  It's surprising just how little is required for basic health."

"Accept that everybody, including you makes mistakes.  Looking at them in a positive light and learning from them puts you in a stronger, more positive position than just trying to avoid any situation where you might make mistakes in future."

"Failure is not the end of the world."

"While it is tempting to seek comfort and certainty, we need some challenge in order to test our own strength and realise our own potential."

"Thinking about yourself positively and generously helps you to work with your character and develop your potential."

"Indecision is often linked to a lack of purpose.  If you have no clear direction and little sense of what you want your future to be, then making decisions can be very hard."

Written by Lynn Williams
Perfect Positive Thinking

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