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Barry Parker Quotes

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"We should, indeed, learn from the past - particularly from the mistakes we have made in the past.  We certainly don't want to make the same mistakes again."

"Don't keep longing for the past.  Today is much more important.  It's the present - what's happening now - and you should make the most of it."

"Enthusiasm is, in fact, critical for a full life, and if you've got enthusiasm you will also have an optimistic outlook.  Both can make a big difference in your life, and both are needed to really enjoy it."

"One of the things needed to enjoy life, particularly as you get older, is keeping busy.  Keeping busy and not being bored is one of the keys to a happy life."

"It's the little things that really count; they're the things that keep your enthusiasm up and give you a feeling of joy every day, and they are easy to come by.  The old saying, 'Stop and Smell the Roses' may be worn out, but it's still worth thinking about."

"Learning, happiness and satisfaction with life all go hand in hand.  People are never bored when they're learning something new.  You could take a course at night school, or just read a 'how to' book."

"A new hobby is a great way to spend your spare time, and it will likely bring you a lot of enjoyment.  The list of hobbies is endless."

"I love certain programs on TV as much as anyone, but sitting in front of the TV night after night and on weekends, watching everything that comes on is merely letting life pass."

"What you want is to 'live' life, not just watch it pass.  You want to enjoy life."

"Laughter always makes you feel good.  When you're laughing, you're enjoying life.  Furthermore, it relieves stress, and makes you happy."

"Maybe your job gives you little enjoyment.  If possible, make changes so that you enjoy it more.  Enjoy the people at work."

"Hope gives you strength and is essential for happiness.  Holding on to it is critical.  Without it all is lost.  Hope is good for the soul; it makes you feel good, and it makes life worth living."

"Your attitude is a reflection of what is going on in your brain.  Your attitude is what you show other people and if it is positive it radiates from you."

"Happiness is important to everybody and everybody strives for it, and it is good for you in so many ways; we think better, feel better, perform better, and are healthier when we are happy."

"Being needed give life more meaning, and it gives you a feeling of satisfaction and confidence."

"People are happiest when they have goals, and while they are trying to achieve them there is little time to get bored.  People who are frequently bored, and have little to do, soon become dissatisfied, and this usually leads to unhappiness."

"Life has meaning.  You are grateful for, and appreciative of all the things you have.  You are continually thinking about how lucky you are - not bemoaning the fact that you're not rich, or have a few aches and pains.  You're grateful for your health, your financial security, your family, your friends and all the material things you have."

Contributed by Barry Parker
Learn from Yesterday, Live for Today, Hope for Tomorrow

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