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Chade-Meng Tan Quotes

Hope you enjoy the following quotes written by Chade-Meng Tan:

"The aim of developing emotional intelligence is to help you optimize yourself and function at an even higher level than what you are already capable of."

"The better we can perceive our emotions, the better we can manage them."

"The big secret of meditation, at least at the beginning stage, is it gets you to a state where your mind is relaxed and alert at the same time."

"When the mind is calm and clear at the same time, happiness spontaneously arises.  The mind becomes spontaneously and naturally joyful!"

"In the same way, meditation is like training your mind so that it can gain more mental abilities.  For example, if you do a lot of meditation exercises, your mind becomes calmer and more perceptive, you can focus your attention more strongly and for longer, and so on."

"Every time you create an intention, you are subtly forming or reinforcing a mental habit.  If you create that same intention a lot, it eventually becomes a habit that will keep arising in your mind in varied situations to guide your behaviour."

"Our attention is the most valuable gift we can give to others.  When we give our full attention to somebody, for that moment, the only thing in the world that we care about is that person, nothing else matters because nothing else is strong within our field of consciousness."

"Relaxation is the foundation of deep concentration.  When the mind is relaxed, it becomes more calm and stable.  These qualities in turn strengthen relaxation, thus forming a virtuous cycle.  Paradoxically, deep concentration is built upon relaxation."

"Focused attention is an intense focus on a chosen subject.  It is stable, strong and unwavering.  It is like sunlight focused with a lens shining intensely on a single point."

"Journaling is the practice of self-discovery by writing to yourself.  It is an important exercise to help you discover what is in your mind that is not in a clear, conscious view."

"Usually, when we write, we are trying to communicate a thought with another person.  This exercise is different.  You're not trying to communicate with somebody else.  Instead, you are trying to let your thoughts flow onto paper so you can see what comes up."

"If we know what we value most and what is most meaningful to us, then we know what we can work on that serves our higher purpose.  When that happens, our work can become a source of sustainable happiness for us."

"Happily, optimism is something that can be learned.  Ironically enough, optimism starts with being realistic and objective."

"The more you are aware of and comfortable with your own strength and weakness, the more confident you become and the more effectively you can influence people."

"Meditation, at its simplest, is the training of attention.  With enough meditative training, one's attention can become unwaveringly calm and focused."

"Inner happiness is contagious.  When a person allows her inner glow of happiness to emerge, people around her tend to respond to her more positively."

"Your kindness shows in your face, posture, and attitude every time you meet somebody.  People will become attracted to your personality, not just your good looks."

Written by Chade-Meng Tan
Search Inside Yourself: The Unexpected Path to Achieving Success, Happiness

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