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H. Stephen Glenn & Jane Nelsen Ed.D. Quotes

Hope you enjoy the following quotes written by H. Stephen Glenn & Jane Nelsen Ed.D.:

"How do people learn to make plans of their own if they are never encouraged to plan something? How do they ever learn to confront flaws in their plans if they are never allowed to implement a plan with a flaw in it, or if they are made to feel so inadequate because of the flaw that they become fearful of trying again?"

"IF WE THINK WE CAN, we will. If we think we can’t, we won’t. All that stands between ourselves and our capabilities are our perceptions of who we are and what we can do."

"After all, our greatest successes in life frequently result from apparent failures that we embrace as learning experiences rather than taking them so seriously that we were afraid to try again. All this would suggest that directing should be our least desirable response to getting others to do things, chosen after careful consideration, not our first, knee-jerk reaction."

"We sometimes believe that what we see determines what we think, but the opposite is true. What we think determines what we see."

"We tend to grow, as the Bible says, line upon line, and precept upon precept. People who feel threatened in a learning environment tend to remain stuck if not given room to grow in small, cumulative steps."

"When we act on limiting assumptions, we ignore the most beautiful characteristic of human beings, which is the ability to learn and change from day to day. By assuming, we say, “What you were yesterday is all I will allow you to be today.”"

"After all, our greatest successes in life frequently result from apparent failures that we embrace as learning experiences rather than taking them so seriously that we were afraid to try again."

"Studies of successful, healthy people show that they are consistently good finders who see lemonade in lemons and glasses that are half full rather than half empty."

"Chimpanzees and gorillas copy each other automatically, but human beings, if encouraged to do so, can look at people they encounter and thoughtfully decide whether they want to copy them."

"The Japanese endlessly study the lives of successful people, not to copy them but to learn the principles that made them successful so they can fit these principles into their own lives."

"THE NEED TO BE NEEDED is often more powerful than the need to survive. Human beings are the only species that can be motivated to commit suicide by a perception that their life has no meaning, purpose, or significance."

"Flexibility is the ability to bend when we find ourselves in unworkable positions. A universal characteristic of insanity is inflexibly, doing the same thing over and over while hoping for different results."

"“Good grief! I’ve already made so many mistakes. Is it too late?”  It is never too late."

"It’s easy to say that mistakes are opportunities for learning, but its sometimes difficult to believe this when we are experiencing the consequences. It takes true understanding and insight to focus on solutions rather than on blame."

"Our motivation depends on our overall perceptions of ourselvesand our capabilities, and these are reflected in those ideas that dominate our thinking."

"When we want to move across a new frontier, we must imagine ourselves as we wish to be and focus on the specific changes we need to make."

"We grow and change much faster when we shed discouraging thoughts about what we have failed to accomplish."

Written by H. Stephen Glenn & Jane Nelsen Ed.D.
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