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Richard Newton and Ciprian Adrian Rusen Quotes

Hope you enjoy the following quotes written by Richard Newton and Ciprian Adrian Rusen:

"Dreaming is great and can fuel your life with inspiration on what to do next."

"Thinking is especially important when it comes to realizing dreams."

"A good map will help you get to where you want to go, but only if you know where you want to get to!"

"The map is your personal guide to achieving your dream, but first you must create it.  The idea behind maps is simple, break the big goal of achieving your dream into a set of much smaller, achievable steps.  Creating a good map starts with thinking through all the things that need to be done to achieve your dreams."

"Common sense tells us all that you can't finish something unless you start it."

"There is no better teacher than personal experience, and you will never get to have personal experience if you don't try.  In the end, wouldn't you rather be someone who has at least tried, failed and learned something than someone who didn't even try?"

"The only fools in life are those people who never try anything."

"The smartest and most successful people try lots of things, not always successfully, but always learning from and usually enjoying the experience."

"The reason that some people seem to achieve a lot isn't because they have no problems themselves, but because they are willing to do the work to 
solve them."

"Often the first steps are the hardest."

"It may be something very small, but at every step you learn more both about the dream and yourself."

"It is not until something goes wrong, and you find a way to solve the problem that you are really moving.  Best of all don't think of these as problems, but merely as variances between your map and reality."

"Often the reason people don't achieve their dreams is that they never start!  By starting you are moving from just Dreaming to Doing, and are on the way to making your dream reality."

"Many successful people have failed several times before achieving their dreams.  What really differentiates the achievers in life from the underachievers is that the achievers learn.  And as they learn, they adapt their approach."

"Problems are a part of everyday life.  You should expect to encounter them when working on any worthwhile dream."

"Every day we make mistakes that allow us to learn what works and what does not.  Mistakes, more than successes, are what keep the human race moving forward, evolving and growing at an amazing pace."

"Making a mistake does not make you a failure.  Failing to learn from mistakes and adjusting your approach makes you a failure."

Contributed by Richard Newton and Ciprian Adrian Rusen
Nine Easy Steps To Making Things Happen For You

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