How To Be Positive When Everything Goes Wrong


Many individual nowadays are always in a depressed state of mind due to the pressures of life. Doctors and counselors constantly give you advice on how to be positive when everything goes wrong in order to set back depression. However, it is tougher to do than to say.

Stop worrying so much as studies show that people who accept defeat sportingly are the happier type of people and they have an optimistic attitude towards life.

Negative Emotion

It often may happen that you get worried out of minor issues arising in your daily life.

On the other hand, do you get frustrated when things go haphazard? Do you think that you are not happy as much as others are?

Do you get angry at the slightest mistake? If these entire attitudes have covered your life, then learn some positive thinking strategies to make life easier and happier.

Only an optimistic person can lead a happy and peaceful life as they have learned how to remain a more positive person even when everything has gone wrong.

Remember The When We

When we lose 

It doesn't make us losers in life, though defeat is bitter, we don't have to fight; there will always be another time to prove ourselves.

When we win 

Let us celebrate because victory is sweet but we should remember we won because someone better than us wasn't there.

When we fail 

It takes courage to know that it does not make us failures, let us learn from our mistakes and move on. There is no successful person that has never failed in one way or the other.

When we succeed 

Let us rejoice; we shouldn't think we have arrived because success is a journey and not a destination, we should keep breaking our own record.

Remain Positive When Everything Goes Wrong

Now you may ask what exactly the meaning of positive thinking is and how important it is. The answer to this is positive thinking is a process of thinking everything in life or surroundings from a positive or brighter side even if it reflects a negative tone.

The outlook and approach towards a task should be from a positive point. The thought in your head must enlighten the positive aspects instead of the negative, discouraging thoughts. Once you change your attitude from a pessimist to an optimist, you will find feel all the good vibes.

All good things will surround you and give you more energy to move forward in times of depression.

Pessimist To Optimist

Nevertheless, how do you suddenly change from being a pessimist to an optimist? Well, it is not a matter of sudden change or changing your thinking process within a day. It all depends on time, your practice and willingness. You have to learn to identify your inner voice. This is the first step to make the changes.

Some people perform an act suddenly without thinking for a second time. They do not think what they really want to do or not. Therefore, first you have to learn to identify your inner voice.

After that, always speak in a positive manner. For instance, if you are asking yourself a question, then instead of asking,

"Am I not capable of doing this work?" ask, "Am I capable of doing this work?"

In our life, our thoughts play a key role, being positive even when everything had gone wrong reflects a positive attitude. You can find several such examples in your daily life if you put a little attention to what you do.

The Flash

In one episode of The Flash TV series, Barry Allen while trying to get back his speed power has accidently enter into the Speed Force.  In there, he was worried, anxious and was impatient to get back to earth to fight Zoom.  However, the Speed Force intention was to guide his thoughts from negative to positive and advices him to accept whatever life had thrown to him.  When he learns to accepts whatever adversity that he had to face as The Flash and turn his thoughts from negative to positive, he was able to think clearly and that is when he was able to get his speed power back.


Life can quickly change and turn around, from despair to hope, from darkness to light. We are living in a time where many changes are occurring quickly, and awareness of self and others is vital to the process of changing. We all have a choice, to be happy, more positive, more pleasant, and more aware of being a better human being.

Therefore, if you are willing to change your life for the good, then keep a little patience and learn how to think positively when everything has gone wrong.

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