How To Boost Self Confidence

Lack of courage can hinder our success as we won't dare to venture out of our comfort zone as we are afraid of failure. How to boost your self confidence becomes an important topic as many try to seek answers to motivate themselves to transform their lack of self-esteem to a courageous person.

Don't sink into despaired even though that there are no fast remedy on how to boost self-confidence.  Building up your self-esteem takes time and we can take small steps daily to boost up our confidence.

The following are some ways which you can learn how to boost your self confidence.

Finished It

It is always good to boost your self confidence by finishing what you have planned to do.  It could be finishing your school writing assignment by this weekend or doing that 10 push-up every day.  No matter how small that stuff could be, in the long-run, it does good to your confidence when you finished what you have plan to do as each task you finished becomes your success keys in life.

Love What You Do

Yes, doing something you love can helps to boost your confidence as it give you a sense of accomplishment and it act as a source of continued power.  Look at the famous value investor Warren Buffett, he likes to dig out fundamentally good and undervalue companies and invest his money in them.  He invests in his area of competent and ignores the rest.  Every time his does well in his passion, it boosts his own confidence and he is not sway easily by other comments about his investment choice. 


As working adult, we are often stretch out by the end of the day and we need to find ways to relax ourselves.  Never used eating junk food or watching television as a way to de-stress yourself as they will not do any good to your body.  Instead, you should learn how to meditate or practice yoga as a way to relax yourself if you wish to live a long healthy life.  Yoga or Tai Chi helps to calm your mind and they are really good habits that you should cultivate and do on a regular basis. 

When you are relaxed, your brain can think better and you will feel more confidence.


You got to believe in your capabilities and reward yourself for your small accomplishment.  It could be passing the driving test, getting that Diploma or saving that 1,000 for investment.  You can write a compliment note to yourself or give yourself a treat to a movie.  When you start to recognize your small accomplishment, it helps to boost up your self-confidence.

Have Faith

Napoleon Hill mention about the infinite intelligent which our eyes cannot see but it exists to help us if we have the faith to believe it.  The infinite intelligent also known as our sub-conscious mind can only assist us only when we know what we desire.  As your sub-conscious mind assist you to reach your goals, you will gain more confidence that you can also achieve whatever you desire and have the courage to succeed in your life.


The above lists are just ideas which you can apply to boost your self-confidence.  Every one of us is different and you should add-in your own ideas which you think that can help you to boost up your confidence level.

Not all of us are born with good self-confidence.  Many of us train and work on ourselves daily to boost our self-confidence by moving forward a small step at a time.  Eventually, each small confidence steps that we practice to take become part of us and self-confidence become part of us.

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