How To Stop Worrying So Much

Worries are part of a human life and it is important for us to learn how to stop worrying so much.  We should never allow worries to stop us from living a happy and fulfilling life.  Worries will turn into fear if you do not take action to stop it.

You can use these three steps and learn how to stop worrying so much.

Identifying The Source

The first step on how to stop worrying so much is find out what you're worried about . This may seem simple but if you worry about a bunch of different things every day, then you need to find a pattern and identify the problem to your worries with questions like:

  • Are you worried about your kids growing up and facing the world? 
  • Are you afraid of failure or of being judged?
Stop Fighting It

Once you are able to identify what causes your worrying, many people will try to tell themselves to stop in a self-destructive way, such as, "stop worrying! Don't be an idiot!" Battling your fear like this won't help you. It will only give it more power instead because you're focusing on it so intensely.

Diffusing It

Learning how to stop worrying so much will be a process for many people and maintaing a positive attitude empowers you. We react to certain stimuli automatically as a defence mechanism. Various body and mind techniques will overcome these automatic reactions so your thoughts become conscious choice, not just products of fear. The general principle of these techniques is learning to empower yourself through positive energy, both from within yourself and from outside sources while keeping the negative energy from affecting you.

How To Stop Worrying So Much

Why worrying is a Useless Emotion

We all have the ability to be stronger and worry serves no purpose. It does little more than make you anxious, miserable and you will end up feeling stress. You will start to find that you are obsess over negative feelings and situations and you anticipate the worst. The feelings of anxiousness and fear lead you to find stop worrying help.

The assistance and support you need is available in self-hypnosis. You will recognize that worry has no real function. If you think about it logically, the emotion is useless. It does not protect you from harm and it doesn't serve as a real warning.

Letting go of this useless emotion is difficult, especially if you are used to this pattern of thought and behaviour. Fretting and dreading situations is a waste of time and you know that on a conscious level yet you are still unable to quit.

Seeking Comfort in Worry

This may seem like an oxymoron but comfort worry is possible. You have learned to deal with stressful-or potentially stressful-situations by feeling this emotion. You are uncomfortable with the notion of letting go of worry because it is a comfortable pattern that you have adopted as your own.

Your emotional response is basically automatic because you have trained your mind and your body to respond this way for a long time. It can be frightening to change a pattern of thought, emotion and behaviour. However, it is necessary to let go of the useless emotion if you want to feel better so that you can gain more confident in yourself.

Breaking the Emotional Cycle

You have nestled yourself comfortably in the pattern of worry but you are not happy in this place. You can use self-hypnosis to help break the cycle of thought and emotion in order to gain control of your response. The pattern is very difficult to break on a conscious level.

When you try to get stop worrying help through the conscious mind, you are working against your comfortable pattern of thought. You must enter the subconscious mind in order to gain control and restructure the cycle. When you do this through hypnosis, you are able to work directly with the subconscious.

Reprogramming the Mind

In order to break the cycle of thought, emotion and behaviour effectively, it is necessary to reprogram your mind. This process is done best through the subconscious because you are more accepting of suggestion. Your conscious mind is very attached to the useless emotion. This is why you continue the cycle.

Your subconscious mind is very powerful and it can reprogram your thought patterns and emotional responses through hypnotic suggestion. This process is relaxing and calming so you feel results immediately. The stop worrying help you need is in your own mind.

Conclusion: Building Confidence And Trust

If you want to know how to stop worrying so much, take this advice: trust in yourself and in other people. This alone can lift the burden off your shoulders.

If you're in charge of a project in your company, trust in your capacity to handle anything that comes your way. Worrying will only take your mind off what is really important.

If your kids are the issue, trust that you have at least raised them well enough to know what's right and wrong. Worrying too much would only suffocate them, and could cause you to make decisions you might regret later on.

It's important for everyone to learn how to stop worrying so much. The more you worry, the more mistakes you make.

Think of the highly successful people you admire. They didn't become successful because they worried about everything every time. They became successful because they put all their efforts into achieving their dreams.

Therefore, donít worry and be happy, don't waste your energy on worrying. Spend it on something more productive.


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