Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Complaining, blaming, and worrying about money are nothing more than victim behaviors that focus on the past or the fearful future rather than on generating more money. These mental ruminations are actually passive, non-productive behaviors that stunt your possibilities for generating money. Closely related, these three reactions to money tend to spill over into one another. Worrying often leads to complaining, and if you are in the complainer mode, you often begin looking for someone to blame for your money dilemmas. Whether you find yourself engaging in one or more of these behaviors, they leave little room for creative, positive, and productive thoughts and actions.

While worrying, complaining, and blaming are destructive and are the opposite of taking effective action, worrying is perhaps the most common of these behaviors. Many people are so accustomed to worrying about money that they never seem to talk about one without the other — money and worry seem married to each other. Ironically, worrying about money seems to repel money instead of drawing it to you. How worry repels money cannot be explained logically, especially to the person who is so accustomed to it that they wouldn’t know what to do without their gloom and doom mode of conversation. 

But think about the last time you were worried about money—did you generate more money? 

Wait! There was a young woman who managed to manipulate her father into giving her some money by constantly having a “woe is me I am so worried” conversation with him. Her dad fed her victim habit, rather than ignoring her constant complaining or addressing her problem by forcing her to take responsibility for her finances. However, his quick fix did not solve her money problems; her worry was actually repelling money rather than attracting it.

A professional sales person knows better than most and understands what happens when they are focused only on making the sale or on how much money they will make. The person knows that focusing on the money rather than the customers will be a fast way to lose the sale, in the end. The transference of money through sales doesn’t just happen, although it seems random and beyond logic. In reality, it is anything but random since worry is more akin to failure than to success. Money is pushed away. The same thing seems to happen when you are desperate and worried about a check arriving on time; somehow it always seems to be delayed. The worry is actually creating a negative energy field around your very being that gives you more worry, but not more money.

Worrying about money is a habit you may have learned by example from family or friends or as a result of poor decision-making, but it is one you can change by recognizing when you worry and how it affects your behavior as well as your wealth. The act of worrying is nothing more a deep fear about the future and a feeling of panic about not being able to control it. 

People who habitually worry that the future will be bleak have a wonderful excuse to do nothing to change that future.  Such people willingly remain a victim to circumstances they perceive as being beyond their control, rather than attempting to break out of the rut and take control. Giving up worry is not the same thing as denying present circumstances, nor is it an excuse to act irresponsibly with money. There may be some valid reason for an immediate concern, and that concern drives productive action; therefore, you can make a distinction between when you are paying attention to your true needs in the present and when you are giving valuable time to unnecessary worries. 

Worry is a mental exercise that includes analysis without coming to a solution, bending the ear of those around you with your tale of woe, or throwing up your hands and refusing to handle the situation because you are fearful.

Written by :
Wealthy U: Seven Sacred Wealth & Wisdom Lessons : Marilyn August

Quotes for the day:

"There are no mistakes, no coincidences. All events are blessings given to us to learn from."
*-- Elizabeth Kubler-Ross 

"The man who moved a mountain is the one who started taking away the small stones."
*-- Chinese proverb 

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