In Our Life Our Thoughts Play A Key Role

Our daily thoughts play a key role in our life. When we think positive, we can expect more positive changes in our life while negative thinker will make even good things bad. I cannot describe its importance in words, as it plays a role in every sphere of our life. By understanding some basic principles of life can help us to adopt positive approach in life, that will last even longer and will considerably improve our positive thinking over the time.

Thinking Positive Is An Art of Living

Every negative thought can play a havoc in our life, its like a rotten vegtables which spoils all other vegtables in the basket. If we can adopt a positive approach in our life, we can cross almost all hurdles of life more conveniently. Positive thinker is actually an art of living, a strong support of mutual co-existence on this planet.

The problems we face today are rooted in our past actions, our approach at that time, positive thinking is not a personal welfare scheme its about global wellness. How can we think of developing a positive approach in life for personal welfare with a narrow mindedness. "Live and let live" is the basic principle of life and if do not understand it, we should not expect development of a permanent real positive thinking.

Peaceful Co-existence

We must first understand and learn that peaceful coexistence is possible and necessary for survival of this planet and its living beings. If we ever have some doubt then we may not be able to proceed any further as subconsciously our mind will try to create hurdles in one form or another. Peaceful coexistence is not purely a theory, its not a philosophical principle alone, its a fact and now we even have scientific proofs in its favor.

Our own personal happiness and well-being depends on others, our ecosystem is a natural society. A happy society creates a positive atmosphere which improve confidence and positive thinking, on the other hand if things our not well around us then it will effect our mentality and ultimately our own well-being.

Develops with A Positive Approach

Reading tips on how to become a stronger positive thinker or listing to music and playing games will definitely help us to stay calm and positive but they will last soon as they are based on an activity which is not based on any lasting logic. A permanent, habitual positive thinking can only take place if we adopt a positive approach in life, understand things as they are. It will not only change our life but it will change life of our family and friends. A positive approach starts working subconsciously, we may not notice but it works and spreads itself to other nook and corners.

Modern Hypnosis

Today, there are more people who are interested in learning hypnosis as they see a number of immediate benefits from learning this art. There are a number of books, videos and other material which is commercially available everywhere teaching hypnosis for positive thinking, still people fail to reach anywhere after reading, watching and practising those lessons. Most of them do not get anything they fail to develop any positive approach, instead they get a negative feeling, that it was just a marketing trap.

Learning hypnosis with a narrow mindedness without adopting a universal approach will not work, because its against the basic principle of life, its principle of peaceful co-existence. We cannot think about personal progress at the cost of others.

Quotes for the day:

"Never bear more than one trouble at a time. Some people bear three kinds --- all they have had, all they have now, and all they expect to have."
*-- Edward Everett Hale

"Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do."
*-- John Wooden 

"We could never learn to be brave and patient, if there were only joy in the world."
*-- Helen Keller 

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