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Tom O Neil Quotes

"Small incremental steps, practised over time and consistently focused towards a specific goal, canít help but bring your dreams to reality."

"A life of 80 years is broken into 29,200 days, which equates to more than 700,000 hours or 42 million minutes. Over a personís life they make tens of millions of choices.  However, the next decision they make will be the important one, as all future choices will be based on that next decision."

"Mini-goals are very achievable and give you a real sense of success. Most people fail when they set their goals as the goals are too large and they get discouraged when they donít reach their targets."

"If we actively look to just adjust or tweak our lives by 1% a day, we can quickly make great progress today towards who we want to be tomorrow."

"Everyone has failures throughout their life and this is a natural part of being human."

"However, life is not measured by how many times you fall; itís measured by how many times you get back up again."

"Donít worry what other people think; just focus on taking that next 1% step towards your destiny. Making an attempt is what
really counts." 

"Itís the small successes that keep you consistently motivated."

"Small things tend to be neglected by society in general, but as many people know, Ďif you take care of the little things, the big things will look after themselvesí."

"The more wise and positive choices you make, the more successful you will be. For example, if you make 1000 positive choices for every one negative or destructive choice, the numbers will invariably lead to a positive outcome."

"Once you are in the pilotís seat and take over the controls of your life, your goals will start to take on a life of their own. What we start building up will start building us up."

"The Law of Gradual Change focuses on the fact that we have only a limited amount of time today to make a positive impact in both our own and other peopleís lives."

"Small, gradual change is deep and real change. Like a glacier moving slowly down the mountain, our lives will leave an impact on those around us."

"Focused towards ongoing small improvements in all aspects of the business, this approach yields large results in the form
of compound productivity improvement."

"As you make small positive daily choices, you effectively take a Ďmini-stepí up the ladder to where you want to be."

"When you continually sow positive change in your life, the 1% Principle turbocharges your performance, helping you reap
the rewards and reach the next level faster."

"Nothing happens without a decision and a corresponding action. Most people fail in reaching their potential due to the fact that they just donít make a decision and follow it through."

Contributed by Tom O Neil
The One Percent Principle

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