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"Bad habits are like heavy weights that you drag around as you go about your day.  Theyíll slow you down, tire you out, and
frustrate you." 

"Despite your hard work and talent, youíll struggle to reach your full potential when youíve got certain thoughts, behaviors, and feelings holding you back."

"Developing mental strength is about improving your ability to regulate your emotions, manage your thoughts, and behave in a positive manner,despite your circumstances."

"Stop and think for a minute about how you behave when youíre really angry.  Itís likely that youíve said and done some
things that you regretted later, because you were basing your actions on your emotions, not logic."

"Being mentally strong isnít about acting tough. You donít have to become a robot or appear to have a tough exterior
when youíre mentally strong. Instead, itís about acting according to your values."

"Mental strength doesnít require you to ignore your emotions.  Increasing your mental strength isnít about suppressing your
emotions; instead itís about developing a keen awareness of them. Itís about interpreting and understanding how your
emotions influence your thoughts and behavior."

"You donít have to treat your body like a machine to be mentally strong. Mental strength isnít about pushing your body to
its physical limits just to prove you can ignore pain. Itís about understanding your thoughts and feelings well enough that you can determine when to behave contrary to them, and when to listen to them."

"Mental strength is helpful in everyday life, not just in the midst of a crisis. Youíll become better equipped to handle
problems more efficiently and effectively, and it can reduce your overall stress level."

"Youíll never become an expert at anything by simply reading a book. Athletes donít become elite competitors after reading about their sport nor do top musicians increase their musical abilities by simply watching other performers play. They also have to practice."

"We all experience pain and sorrow in life.  And although sadness is a normal, healthy emotion, dwelling on your sorrow and
misfortune is self-destructive."
Amy Morink Quotes "Feeling sorry for yourself requires a lot of mental energy and does nothing to change the situation.  Even when you canít fix the problem, you can make choices to cope with lifeís obstacles in a positive way. Feeling sorry for yourself wonít move you any closer to a solution."
"A victim mentality is not an attractive characteristic. Complaining about how bad your life is will likely wear on people rather quickly. No one ever says, ďWhat I really like about her is the fact that she always feels sorry for herself.Ē"

"Our choice to spend the day doing something enjoyable isnít about ignoring our grief or masking our sadness. Itís about
making a conscious choice to celebrate lifeís gifts and refusing to behave in a pitiful manner. Instead of pitying ourselves for what we lost, we choose to feel grateful for what we had."

"When you notice self-pity creeping into your life, make a conscious effort to do something contrary to how you feel. You
donít have to jump out of a plane to ward off feelings of self-pity. Sometimes, small behavioral changes can make a big

"Volunteer to help a worthy cause. It will take your mind off your problems and you can feel good that youíve helped support
someone else. Itís hard to feel sorry for yourself when youíre serving hungry people in a soup kitchen or spending time
with elderly residents in a nursing home." 

"If what youíre doing now isnít working, try something new. If you never take a step in the right direction, youíll stay right where you are."

"Whatís another way I could view my situation? This is where the ďglass half empty or glass half fullĒ thinking comes
in. If youíre looking at it from the glasshalf- empty angle, take a moment to think about how someone looking from a glasshalf- full perspective might view the same situation."

Contributed by Amy Morin
Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do

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