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John Bird Quotes

"I just think we all have to come to terms with our own talents and skills, and figure out what we can do with them. It may not be possible to be anything you want but it is possible to become something."

"My point is that you can have all the dreams you want, but you need to put something towards those dreams to make them work."

"I was able to move onwards not by aiming for the top job, but by doing one thing at a time."

"Life is about taking steps that move you forwards."

"You donít have to worry about going forwards quickly. What matters is that you are moving and that you keep moving until you hit your limits."

"You canít be anything you want. But you can be something."

"Work with what you have instead of wishing for what you canít have or what someone else has got."

"We can all do something but we have to find it. You will know when you find it because it will feel right for you."

"Everything we do, every step we take, is because we believe it is worth doing."

"We donít always know if we will end up where we want to be, but we have to give it a try. Even before we do that, we have to fight for our light and keep fighting for it. Because there will always be people who say, ĎI donít think that will work.í"

"We have to be careful not to fall under the spell of what we read and hear. To keep your sanity in this crazy world you need to stay focused on your own life."

"Think of the great things that people like you have done. Yes, normal people like you. I am always impressed by people who go that extra mile for their fellow human beings.  They help to blow holes in our cynical world that seems to put a downer on

"Optimism does not mean you wonít worry."

"But there are different kinds of worry. There is the kind of worry that leaves your brain numb, where you sit on the couch and do nothing and just sink into despair. And then there is good worry, when just thinking about doing something new gets you all tense and excited."

"Just because you want to do something doesnít mean the rest of the world shares your delight."

"Optimism is something you have to fight for every day."

"Turning your mind around when it is telling you it canít see the road ahead is tough. Just remember, itís not a problem. Itís part of your journey to success."

Contributed by John Bird
The 10 Keys to Success

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