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Keith Cameron Smith Quotes

"Winners seek to find a balance in life, andthe balance point for these two statements isresponsibility. Responsibility means that you do your best and trust that good will result."

"Winners don’t worry; whiners do."

"Conversely, while fear is faith that the worst will happen, winners have faith in positive outcomes, and that faith manifests itself in the form of trust—a belief in the good in people and situations."

"You can’t be a winner without others. Life is a team sport."

"The decision to live by faith or fear is just that: a decision. It is a personal choice and it is one you must make every day. Your choices are your responsibility."

"Fear is rooted in a belief that you have no  choice. In reality, your circumstances exist because of your choices, and those choices are made in the context of either faith or fear."

"Accept the responsibility to make choices based on faith and you become a winner."

"Winners know we always have choices, and they take responsibility for them."

"Becoming a winner is impossible until you  assume the responsibility of choice. Winners understand that power, and use it wisely."

"Is there something in your life that you’ve been blaming others for that has been holding you back? As long as you are blaming and complaining, you remain the same. Taking responsibility for your circumstances is the first step toward growth."

"Winners choose to be winners. Winners take responsibility for the thoughts, feelings, and actions that produce their circumstances."

"Results are reflections—simple reflections of the choices you make."

"You must learn to take responsibility for the choices you make in each area of life. If you don’t, then you will feel like a victim and the results you get will be negative."

"Positive and negative results are simply reflections of the choices we make, especially the choices we make concerning our thoughts."

"The positive results you desire are the fruits of positive thoughts, which are the roots of the plant. Winners understand that our roots create our fruits. Say to yourself: My roots create my fruits."

"Winners take responsibility for their results by taking responsibility for their thoughts. Winners see thoughts like seeds and their minds like fertile soil."

"The thoughts you choose to hold in your mind will start growing roots and eventually a little thought or seed can
become a big tree with lots of fruit. So be careful to hold positive thoughts in your mind."

Contributed by Keith Cameron Smith
The Top 10 Distinctions Between Winners and Whiners

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