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"People who display a great personal brand find it is the very reason for their success. Others will never advance until they learn how to develop the best part of themselves—their natural gifts."

"Desire for happiness is what drives every human—it’s a universal motivation."

"The value you possess is independent of the company or organization you work for. Your worth is not measured by your title, position, power, or salary."

"Never forget that you control your own personal power, create your own happiness, and choose whether or not to use your talents."

"Every person has been given their own destiny."

"Sadly, too many people don’t see how great they could be. So many don’t feel special. They reinforce these confidence-dooming thoughts with self-defeating talk."

"Each and every single person alive has unique and valuable strengths."

"Take time to be clear on your values, to assess your passion, and to focus on targeted and achievable goals."

"If you become complacent, you endanger your future and may find yourself in the unemployment line, blindsided by a layoff.  You need to be prepared to meet opportunity (such as a promotion) and any adversity. Layoffs are a minefield in any position at every organization and occur when you least expect them or are ill prepared to handle them."

"Visible accomplishments such as community service, association work, or awards you have acquired all add up to your reputation, or how the outside world sees you."

"Focus your time and energy on success and successful pursuits."

"Believe in yourself, your goals, and the importance of your work."

"If you are still in the beginning stages of your career, you will advance your skillset much faster by electing to work for a small employer. You’ll get broader experience, more guidance, and greater responsibility since the organization’s size means everyone has a broader scope of job duties."

"The people that get ahead are not the ones that are waiting for the promotion. It just doesn’t happen that way."

"Your goals for success are set by you. They matter to you. The world needs excellence in so many jobs that you can find your favorite and be the best possible at it."

"With a plan, you can conquer the world. You need to be a man or a woman with a plan!"

"The most successful people in the world envision their next success. They have written goals with action steps noted to achieve them. Only 3% of the population put their goals in writing. Yet outcomes are typically achieved 20% faster with written goals according to behavioral psychologists."

Written by Author : Robin Ryan
60 Seconds and You're Hired

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