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"What you achieve is largely a matter of what you believe; in fact, you might say: believe equals achieve."
"If you believe that your current reality is fixed, you get trapped in your own mistaken sense of "This is the way it is." You think, "It's always been this way, and it will always be this way." But the present is not permanent."

"Don't be too concerned with how you're going to be what you want to be in the future; you'll learn how to create and invent the process along the way."

"You're creative, intuitive, and powerful inside—you're a creative genius. But you've got to allow yourself to get off the old track."

"To be a high-performance person, you must first decide what end results you want. Exactly what do you want for yourself? What career? What income? What community? What home? What spiritual life? What relationships?"

"You must create a vivid mental picture of the end results you want. Once you imprint that vision in your mind, you will become very creative to find information that you can use to help achieve it."

"I want you to get to the point in maturity where you do this unselfishly, where you give with no ulterior motive at all, where you are primarily interested in helping people around you because that's the greatest sense of reward that you can find.  You make it happen simply because it's the right thing to do, not to impress anyone, not because you want something from it.  Your intent is unselfish. You're motivated by love and justice."

"Your value system gives you a reason why you work, why you are married, why you have children, why you sacrifice for them. Knowing your values gives you a framework for making choices and setting goals. You know that it isn't enough to just exist. You want a certain quality of life, not only for yourself but also for the people you care about. You want to create happiness-producing environments and events."

"Learn to be happy along the way. If you're happy only when you get what you want, then you can only be happy when you achieve your desired end results."

"You need to sort out your values, so you can concentrate your time and energy on worthwhile goals. Every person should ask, "What is number one, number two, number three, number four, in order of preference?" If you truly value your children or spouse or the people around you most, your house could burn down and you wouldn't blow up, as long as nobody was hurt." 

"When your uppermost values are consistent with permanent principles, natural laws, perhaps even eternal values, then all around you can change—you can even lose most of what you have—and you'll remain strong and centered. Now, the losses might bother you for a time, but they won't beat you."

"Your spirit of intent needs to be aligned with real love, real justice, real purpose, real truth. If you choose to be selfish, manipulative, dishonest, and deceptive, you've got to mask your spirit of intent. You might fool me at first, assuming you practice the public relations game of "how to win friends" and how to present a good face, but inside you know you're duplicitous. And over time you find it very difficult to mask your intent."

"When you work in harmony with justice and love, the spirit of good intent can work through you. But it's hard to work through you when your intent is selfish, bitter, resentful. If you align your spirit with the way things are supposed to be, then you aren't the one who does those things—you simply become an instrument."

"You create your own pressure by putting your task, your goals, your family, your life on a "have to" basis. Once you release the pressure, you become very effective. You allow yourself to flow. Otherwise, you engage in negative creativity to avoid the "have to" situation."

"You create your own pressure by putting your task, your goals, your family, your life on a "have to" basis. Once you release the pressure, you become very effective. You allow yourself to flow. Otherwise, you engage in negative creativity to avoid the "have to" situation."

Written by Author : Louis E. Tice
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