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"So I think the very motion of our life is towards happiness."

"One must practice meditation with diligence in order to experience its beneficial effects, but at the same time, one must abstain from pursuing these effects as goals in themselves."

"Positive mind states act as very powerful antidotes for negative ones."

"Obstacles, in fact, are perceived as being tremendous reservoirs of frozen energy waiting to be tapped."

"Positive emotions have their own substantial benefits."

"Joy, for example, urges one to play and expand; contentment, to savor and amplify."

"Play positively affects the ability to concentrate and ally with others, and it allows one to build resources that are more permanent than the playful states of mind that led to them."

"Individuals who were happy performed cognitive tasks with greater alacrity, greater accuracy, and greater creativity than those who were unhappy."

"Positive emotions helped people to assimilate a much wider range of experience than did negative ones (because they broaden and build)."

"Forgiveness is a complex emotion, and its practice is a process, never a one-shot deal."

"For enhancing positive emotion about the past is to increase one’s awareness of it, to count one’s blessings."

"The greatest possibilities for increasing happiness are to be found in the present."

"Although most of us often think that good fortune will change our lives permanently for the better, in most instances, even very dramatic positive events yield an emotional high of only several weeks’ duration."

"Dramatic negative events do not destroy us in the ways that we often imagine they will."

"Pleasure and displeasure are very temporary and fickle. The pursuit of pleasure, therefore, while eminently worthwhile, is not a basket into which one should put all of one’s resources."

"Individuals are likely to make more progress when they employ their strengths in tackling problems than when they struggle to overcome their weaknesses."

"Learning to reign in one’s attention and gently focus it on the present is a skill that delivers untold benefits."

Written by Author : Christopher K. Germer
Mindfulness and Psychotherapy

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