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Ray Dodd Quotes

Hope you enjoy the following quotes written by Ray Dodd :

"What you believe affects your relationships, where you choose to live, what you decide to buy, how you raise your children, the state of your health, wealth and mind, as well as the work you do."

"Emotion is a membrance through which we feel our intuitive impression of the world."

"Not one thing that is said to us, or modeled by adults, has any power over us unless we agree."

"The process of having your attention captured, opening a channel of communication, learning the code and making many little personal agreements creates your primary worldview, a personal life-dream created from the first time you paid attention."

"A belief is a living dream with an emotional signature populated by specific agreements that define and defend its point of view."

"When you are asleep in your bed, you experience a world of dreams alive with falling, smell or taste."

"Your mind is always dreaming, producting a virtual simulation of what is distorted throgh a lens comprised of all your beliefs."

"Simply put, mastering awareness is to awaken to the fact that the mind dreams night and day through a filter of beliefs, creating a unique experience of life."

"Creative energy attracts and mainfests more of the same."

"Recoginizing the power of what you believe and building on the cornerstone of awareness are giant steps toward consciously creating what you want."

"You can pur belief to work for you, first by starting with the foundation of awareness and then going further, exploring the remarkable promise of what you believe."

"Every action we take, large or small, pivotal or merely routine, is because of desire."

"As effective as anger and emotional pain may be as motivators, they eventually wear us down.  The engine of fear leaves us unbalanced and stands in the way of long-lasting satisfaction."

"What you believe either propels you into action or keeps you from taking action."

"Either way, what you decide to do, what you choose to tolerate, what keeps you from going after what you want is an engine that drives you forward or runs on the lowest gears, dragging you down."

"A belief is an outlook, a living dream supported by agreements that define and defend its point of view."

"What deeply affects our lives, right now in this very moment, is what we have agreed to believe, whether we notice it or not."

Written by Ray Dodd
Belief Works: The Art of Living Your Dreams

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