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Hope you enjoy the following quotes written by Tony Buzan :

"We have an infinite capacity for growth and change."

"The long way is often the shorter way."

"Just as a wave keeps the same form for hundreds of miles and builds and builds and builds and builds and builds...so, too, you build and progress in knowledge."

"To be a Change Thinker, you need to embrace this conept, and to understand that everything you have experienced to date has led this moment, and that each moment impacts on the future - your future, the future of those around you, and by implication the future of those you have never, and will never meet."

"The universe inside your head is uniquely yours and it is also an infinite universe; you have total and individual ownership of the knowledge within it."

"Plant the seeds of positive thought and you will reap a harvest of positive change."

"The same is true in life.  If you do not know where you are headed, you will not know where you are going, and nor will you know when you have arrived."

"It is thoughts (yours included) that bring about all the prime changes and products of life.  If you can learn to control your thoughts well, you will bring about conscious change.  Changes that you bring about will be for your own benefit, and the benefit of others."

"In every challenging and painful situation there are positive aspects to be found, no matter how distant the glimmers of light may appear to be."

"The important thing to realize is that whether or not you are able to approach the situation with positive heart and mind, change will still occur.  The more you are able to embrace the process of change, the more likely you are to feel in control of the outcome."

"You can become empowered by the knowledge that by changing yourself you can change not only your world, but also the world beyond your shores, and by implication the universe, and indeed you have no choice but to change it!"

"It is normal to be fearful when faced with change."

"Complacency leads you into being taken whereever the current takes you, you become completely irresponsible for your actions, you become the object of all the forces acting upon you rather than being the subject driving those foreces."

"Living life with no plan, with no concept of where you are headed, leads inevitably to 'non-arrival' at any preconceived desitination."

"Those who try to bring about change are taking risks.  Because they are taking risks, they have the inevitable probability of having learning experiences along the way that they weren't expecting."

"Persistence is the energy that drives you toward your Vision, it is strongly associated with your will power."

"When embarking on a journey or learning a new skill, it is natural to draw upon the knowledge and expertise of others whose opinions we respect as experts in that field, to enable the best possible decision and the most enjoyable or expert result."

Written by Tony Buzan
Embracing Change - Essential Steps to Make Your Future Today

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