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Alyssa Abbey Romaner Quotes

Hope you enjoy the following quotes written by Alyssa Abbey Romaner :

"We have to make choices about how to spend our precious time and energy."

"There is a world of differences between living life in a way that you conciously choose, and simply reacting to the tasks, and events that come your way."

"A basic principle of human psychology is that we go toward what we focus on, so it follows that if you want something, you must focus on it."

"A tremendous source of stress is living out of line with your values."

"Ever notice how, when you exercise, you not only feel physically better, but emotionally higher and mentally sharper?"

"In order for you to get and sustain the energy you want, you've got to be aware of the things that are currently draining you of valuable energy."

"Hopefully, you can begin to laugh at yourself, because that's anothr good step toward getting past those excuses to a life of boundless energy."

"If you can create a healthy, vibrant and joyous state in your mind (whether you see it, hear it or feel it), you are half way there."

"The thing is, you must make the time to do it."

"When I used visualisation, it brought results and when I didn't, I didn't seem to have the same success.  So as you imagine, I'm using it pretty regularly now."

"When you get into a relaxed state, your subconcious mind is more open to suggestion (which, by the way, is how hypnotism works)."

"The more frequently you to the same visualisation the more fervently your subconscious mind will believe it and begin to act in accordance with it."

"The best thing of course is to experience the power of visualisation for yourself."

"Remember that your mind is completely under your control."

"Using the power you have to control your own mind makes you the master of your own destiny, and it's truly awesome."

"Affirmations are statements we make either in our heads or out loud that will improve our emotions, attitudes, self-belief and sense of purpose."

"If you want more energy, make it a habit to celebrate your successes and accomplishments every day."

Written by Alyssa Abbey
Stop Making Excuses and Start Living with Energy

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