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Jose Silva Quotes

"Every day, in every way, I am getting better, better, and better."

"Positive thoughts bring me benefits and advantages I desire."

"You would not reasonably expect to become a lottery winner; it is in the nature of lotteries that very few win. But it is in the nature of life that everyone can win much more than lotteries offer."

"When we concentrate on a thought the thought becomes true because our bodies transform it into action."

"When you awaken you will feel that everyone in your life loves you and you will love yourself."

"You see, I began with the idea that a patient's attitude played a role in his response to any form of treatment and could influence the course of his disease."

"Probably the single most valuable tool we have is the mental imagery technique."

"As you can see, if you continue to explore the potentials of your mind, it will pay off in priceless ways."

"When persons learn to function mentally at the deeper levels of relaxation of mind and body, creativity is enhanced."

"Mind Control is not hypnosis; it more nearly approaches self-hypnosis. Persons learn to get a fuller attention of the mind, perhaps because it is no longer bombarded by as many external stimuli when it is relaxed. With this fuller attention, they are better able to direct the mind to do what they want it to."

"The more you meditate, the deeper you go within yourself, the firmer the grasp you will have of a kind of inner peace so strong that nothing in life will be able to shatter it."
Jose Silva Quotes

"Positive thinking is always valuable, but positive thinking in the relaxed state is immeasurably more so."

"A word about meditation: In everyday speech it means thinking things over."

"It has been said that the brain is like a drunken monkey; it lurches willy-nilly from one thing to another."

"My experiments have shown that the deeper levels of our minds experience time flowing from left to right. In other words, the future is perceived as being on our left, the past on our right."

"Anything you believe you have forgotten is associated with an event. If it is a name, the event is die time you heard or read it. All that you have to do, once you learn to work with your mental screen, is visualize a past event that surrounds an incident you believe you have forgotten, and it will be there."

"It is doubtful that we ever really forget anything. Our brain squirrels away images of the most trivial events. The more vivid the image and the more important it is to us, the more easily we recall it"

Quotes of wisdom by Jose Silva
The Silva Mind Control Method

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