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Dr. Aziz Gazipura Quotes

"Courageousness involves being able to tune it to what’s in your heart and move toward it in spite of your fears."

"The most important of these is that whatever happens, you can handle it."

"If you follow the fear through and stay away from deathly scenarios involving the worst possible outcomes, then you will notice that you really have very little to fear."

"Your sense of courage exists in the understanding that nothing is as bad as you imagine it to be."

"Even the people you see who look confident in the present moment have felt fear in the past ... and they probably continue to feel fear, but they’ve learned to not let it hold them back."

"You must approach the things you’re afraid of, notice your patterns of avoidance, and make a conscious choice to move forward."

"When you move outside of your comfort zone, you’re going to feel fear. The only way to really shift you stance is to start approaching the things that scare you."

"You will almost certainly find that whatever happens is not nearly as bad as you thought it would be."

"You’ve got to realize that all the horror you prepare yourself for is not actually going to happen. Once you do that and you see through those fears, your courage will explode."

"When you’re facing your fear head-on, it’s like jumping off the high dive. The height may not sound so bad, but when you’re up there looking down, it feels like you’re about to jump out of an airplane."

"Your reasons connect you to your purpose, and they form a rope to which you can cling as you pull yourself forward through life."

"Whatever really gets you going and lights a fire in your heart, you must write it down. Find you reasons for the one thing that you would be doing if you had more courage and list at least five them on paper. Again, if you haven’t done it already, take a moment and write those reasons down right now."

"Courage is something you can condition within yourself ... if you take control of your physicality."

"Courage is like a battery that you can charge up, and you can do the same thing with your anchor; you can charge this action
too. Every time you feel naturally excited or powerful or strong or courageous, just perform your gesture."

"Your fears are based on old experiences."

"You can't jump off the high dive once and then avoid it for the rest of your life; you have to jump again and again and again and again until you come to fully understand that nothing bad is going to happen."

"Your reasons are your rope. If you find at least five reasons to fight for what you want in life, you reinforce your courage and you become stronger. Your reasons are the only things that will pick you back up when life knocks you down. They will keep you on point, give you a purpose, and hone your focus as you move toward your goals."

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