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Barbara Stanny Quotes

"I am responsible for what I see. I choose the feelings I experience, and I decide upon the goal I would achieve."

"When you treat your money with the reverence and respect it deserves, it will shower endless blessings upon you, allowing
you to serve others for all your days and beyond."

"Seeds were being planted that, given time, would sprout into a new body of work."

"When we demonstrate our power, no one can tell us what canít be done."

"ďThe path to my success was never about attaining incredible wealth or celebrity,Ē media mogul Oprah Winfrey admitted. ďIt
was about the process of continually seeking to be better, challenging myself to pursue excellence on every level.  The whole point of being alive is to evolve into the complete person you were intended to be.Ē"

"Essentially, our fear of power is our fear of becoming who we really are."

"Money is not an end, but serves as a means to an end, a tool for creating a meaningful life."

"It is my belief that, as you courageously step into your authentic power, letting your light shine despite your trepidation, you will inspire countless othersómale and femaleóto do the same."

"Thereís no better way to limit our power than by lowering our earning potential or by mishandling, neglecting, or ignoring
our money."

"The definition of Sacred Success: pursuing your Soulís purpose for your own bliss and the benefit of others, while being richly rewarded."

"The more willing you are to empty your cup of preconceived beliefs and assumptions, the greater are your chances of
reaching your peak potential and utmost prosperity."

"Rules are important. They create order, stability, and safety. All of us live by rules, personal and societal. Some of them are obvious. Others may be unconscious. As children, we discovered our limits by testing the rules. And we all know what happened when we broke the rules. We got punished."

"Reclaiming your power often requires a dramatic shift in your state of mind, potentially reversing generations of cultural
conditioning and a lifetime of personal programming."

"Where you are right now in your life, whatever is going on, is perfect. Where and how far you go next depends on how much youíre willing to release and what youíre willing to receive."

"Greatness is far from selfish. Greatness simply means living your truth, sharing your gifts."

"We donít need to be or do anything remarkable or extraordinary. We just need to pay attention to our Soul calling us to live
authentically. But be forewarned. Greatness takes guts. No doubt about it."

"As I learned long ago, we stop being a victim the moment we take responsibility. And responsibility, in the context of Sacred Success, is the ability to respond in healthy ways, (as opposed to using manipulation or control) to get what you REALLY want."

Contributed by Barbara Stanny
Sacred Success

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