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"Nobody knows you better than you do. You know whatís right for you. You know where you are comfortable, real, and wonderful."

"One of the first steps in getting ready to do you is to insist upon yourself. Just the very act of you declaring you. Holler it out loud. And I mean loud."

"Getting things clear in your own head is a pattern you have to repeat. Itís a signal you have to find and stay with."

"You donít need permission to enjoy who you like, what you like, or how you like it."

"After all, every one of us is a work in progress. And, as long as you donít give up on you, that progress will happen. Even on the days when it feels as if youíre stuck. Just keep doing you and let the world catch up with you."

"List the things you like doing the most. Not just ideas of things or general categories, but the actual activities you do. Be really specificóthe details will help you know where you are most comfortable and the types of people you will enjoy the most."

"As you get more comfortable with yourselfóthe parts you think are awesome, and the parts you want to work on, tooóbe sure to make room for people who like the you that youíre growing into."

"The people who are the meanest are usually the ones who have been hurt the most."

"No matter how hard it may seem, keep your focus."

"You wonít know until you try. Itís your song, and only you know how it goes."

"So, donít worry if itís not perfect. Itís not supposed to be. Itís just supposed to be real. The real you."

"Honestly, it doesnít so much matter what you did, but that you did whatever was real for you. Each act of doing is a big step in becoming you."

"Think how great life will be if you just keep on living like thatóliving like you."

"You just canít know the results until you do you. Whatever you decide to do, be true to yourself. Be the proof positive that your life is just right for you."

"Getting through the tough moments isnít easy. But you donít need easy. You are stronger than you know."

"Itís really that simple. Being true to youóeverything that makes up youóis a real form of respect and protection."

"As you give to what matters in your life, it will give back to you. You will become surrounded by people who care about you and give as generously as you do."

Quotes of wisdom by Ben Cohen
Inspiration and Encouragement for Anyone

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