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Gene C. Hayden Quotes

Hope you enjoy the following quotes written by Gene C. Hayden :

"When you have faith in yourself, you don't require absolute proof of what will be, and you don't need the buy in of others."

"If your goal doesn't promote values or ideas that are meaningful to you, then you may not be able to access the trust and confidence you need to make that goal happen."

"Ask anyone who has ever achieved a goal of any kind and they'll tell you the same thing: you've got to want it.  Not need it, want it."

"Behind every door there is something of value, but not one will lead to the perfect life."

"People with the follow-through factor insist that the most important thing is to take steps to bring any meaningful idea to life, and that the idea itself is secondary."

"You can sit in your chair for years thinking about all the things you could be doing.  And five years from now, you'll still be sitting there"

"You'll find when you stick with something through thick and thin, setback and success, your affection for it actually grows, not diminishes."

"You don't need to know as much as you think to begin following through on your goal, it's a learn as you go process.  Break your idea down into questions and take it one question at a time."

"At some point, you may have to be prepared to fake it until you make it.  Act as if you do have a clue and boldly follow your plan, despite not being certain that you're doing it right.  Only trial and error will give you the experience you lack today."

"Things could go wrong, things could work out great.  No one has a crystal ball, but the good news is that no matter what happens, we almost always manage much better than we thought we would."

"To believe in yourself, first and foremost, you have to have faith in yourself."

To believe in yourself, first and foremost, you have to have faith in yourself.  -- Gene C. Hayden

"Fear is like your own personal crossing guard.  It's so bent on protecting you that it would keep you standing on the sidewalk forever if it could."

"Self-doubt is fear's best friend.  The inner critic reminds you of past failings so you don't get cocky about taking risks.  Those who follow through aren't without fear and doubt, but they have learned to shut them out."

"The time is never ideal, but you don't have the luxury of putting your idea on hold, because ideas expire if left unattended for too long."

"If you don't think you have moment to spare, remember that what you do with each moment is always a matter of choice.  Take stock of what you're saying 'yes' to, and what you're saying 'no' to, throughout the course of your day."

"The most common mistake people make in writing out plans is thinking too big.  They break their action plan down into a few lofty tasks without indicating the micro-steps required to get from one milestone to the next."

"The trick to moving forward, even when your feet are dragging, is to visualize the outcome you want."

Written by Gene C. Hayden
The Follow-Through Factor: Getting from Doubt to Done

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