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Jeffrey Gitomer's Quotes

Hope you enjoy the following quotes written by Jeffrey Gitomer's :

"Positive attitude comes from your ability to process thoughts in a positive way, regardless of the circumstances."

"A large part of attitude achievement is the visualization."

"You can read and listen all you want, but unless you decide that you want to become a positive person, a person who thinks positive, acts positive, and speaks positive (both proactive and reactive), your attitude will not be a positive one."

"Once you discover that attitude is yours for the taking, you have to study it (from other experts), expose yourself to it (from positive things and people), and practise it (from your soul) until you 'get it'."

"Once you have a positive attitude, you bless yourself and others who come in contact with you, forever."

"The secret of a positive attitude is being selfish on the inside (the way you think about yourself, the personal pride that you have, the person you seek to become and your thoughts just before you respond or take action) and then helping or serving others because you feel good enough about yourself to help them."

"Understanding that you are most important person in the world is a key step in the direction of Yes! Attitude."

"Internal happiness is the beginning of positive attitude, not the achievement of it."

"Understand that negative energy and negative thoughts 'block' positive thoughts and creative thoughts from occurring."

"Persist until you gain an answer."

"You've been given a bag of cement and a bucket of water.  You can either build a stumbling block (a concrete barrier), or a stepping stone (a bridge 
to wherever you want to go)."

"If you don't understand yourself, how the hell can you understand someone else?"

"If you seek a positive mind and a positive attitude, you 'must' expose yourself to positive information and hang around with positive people.  If you want to achieve positive, you have to surround yourself with it and live it."

"The better your attitude, the more you'll succeed.  The better your attitude, the better you'll feel when your day is done."

"In business, your positive thoughts and lifestyle choices lead to your personal success and your career success."

"The science of serving and selling in business has nothing to do with nuclear physics or brain surgery.  It's about asking questions, helping others and believing in yourself, your product and your company.  It's about establishing long-term relationships and having fun.  It's all fundamentals."

"To achieve a positive attitude, you must take physical, verbal and metal 'actions'."

Written by Jeffrey Gitomer's
Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude

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