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Judith Leary-Joyce Quotes

Hope you enjoy the following quotes written by Judith Leary-Joyce :

"It is challenge that helps us grow and develop.  While not always pleasant, without it life becomes repetitive and a bit dull - even the most amazing tasks become ordinary when done day after day."

"If you do nothing you will certainly never made a mistake.  Do anything and you are bound to get something wrong.  Don't make them twice - that's the thing - learn from them."

"Life is a real roller coaster ride.  The good times are fabulous - and they come and go, along with the tough experience."

"The secret of a life well used is to develop your talent, using every ounce of potential, because only then will you feel satisfied that you have done your best."

"Fulfilling potential needs a willingness to step periodically into the unknown, as you develop yourself and your ability."

"It makes life easy by reducing the number of decisions to be made, although it also means that we can get into a habit and miss opportunities because they fall outside of what we expect to see."

"Change takes time, after all you have carried this motto around for along time and it is well engrained.  But stick with it - at the very least you will feel a sense of achievement that you have started!"

"Whether the outcome of a life chapter is success or failure, nothing is lost.  The learning gained will be grist for the mill in the next round of the curve, helping you to develop.  In fact, the tough ones are often the most important."

"Follow your passion and interest."

"So, as you think about your own core talent, take away that expectation that you need to be better than anyone else or have to make a fortune.  You just want to identify the best in yourself, so you can release it and use it really well."

"Brain power is the intellectual capacity to understand ideas and put them into action."

"Appetite is whether you care enough about something to put in all the effort required for success."

"Always look at yourself specifically; if you have learned something, it is a skill; if it comes naturally to you, it is talent."

"Work is always more powerful when it aligns to values.  It stops being just a way to fill the fridge and becomes something that has meaning."

"Knowing what you do well and what matters to you means you can tell instantly whether a job or pastime is right."

"Taking action requires you to let that dream come up against your fear of failure.  This is the moment of courage and deep honesty.  It can be pretty scary, but until you do, you can't move anywhere."

"It comes from that understanding that we have just one life, which is remarkably short.  So why waste it?"

"Don't let a day slip away.  It is all about enjoyment, being excited and having something that demands you use your mind and make the most of yourself."

Written by Judith Leary-Joyce
The Psychology of Success: Secrets of serial achievement

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