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Hope you enjoy the following quotes written by Sandra Anne Taylor :

"The laws of magnetism and consciousness created reality indicate that the experiences you attract are largely determined by your personal resonance, so taking control of your daily energy will be well worth your consistent effort."

"Science shows that the world exists in a constant state of flow and flux, and everything can change in just the blink of an eye."

"Your consciousness creates your reality."

"By understanding how your thoughts impact your energy and emotions, you can make more enlightened choices and bring greater clarity and magnetism to your day."

"We all have our ups and downs and you should never fault yourself for your difficult moments."

"My thoughts have real power in my life and I always choose to have power over my thoughts."

"I release fear and negativity.  I find joy and happiness in the present instead."

"The energy of your voice amplifies the resonance of your thoughts, so say your affirmations out loud as often as you can."

"You can desire something all you want, but if you don't support that desire with your energy and consciousness every day, you won't be able to propel your goal into Universal manifestation."

You can desire something all you want, but if you don't support that desire with your energy and consciousness every day, you won't be able to propel your goal into Universal manifestation.  *-- Sandra Anne Taylor

"Sometimes it takes a lot of courage to assume the power in your own life especially when you've been in the habit of giving it away.  But if you let others control key issues, you allow them to direct your energy and destiny too."

"I have the right and responsibility to maintain my power and make decisions in my own life."

"I have the courage and strength to become the driving force in my own life.  Every day my personal power grows."

"Strong magnetic energies require a life force filled with a positive attitude, which can be greatly assisted by the ongoing process of affirmation."

"When you repeat affirmations, you're actually reprogramming the neural pathways of your brain."

"Make a point to do your affirmations at regular times each day.  At least once a day, do them when you're relaxed.  At these peaceful times, they become like posthypnotic suggestions, which your subconscious mind will be more willing to receive.  Always make the last thought before sleep an affirmative one."

"Action is the accelerant that will ignite your desires."

"Intention without action equals subtraction in your life."

Written by Sandra Anne Taylor
28 Days to a More Magnetic Life

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