Benefits Of Eating a Banana A Day

It was when I got a serious diarrhoea and was searching for some food that can help my healing that I begin to realized that the horned shaped, delicious fruit we know as a banana, is one of mother nature’s most helpful, energizing, and healing fruits that she ever created! I begin to appreciate that bananas are miracle fruits, due to the sheer amount of diseases and conditions they help fight and prevent, and two bananas a day should be included in your diet if you want to reap the rewards of such a powerful fruit.
Bananas contain three naturally occurring sugars, which we know as fructose, glucose, and sucrose. Couple that with the fiber content in a banana, it's no wonder that professional athletes and regular every day people eat bananas pre-workout, post workout, and everywhere in between. It's also a great snack for the kids before, during, and after school.
The Benefits of Eating Bananas For Your Health


A diet of half banana and skimmed milk during breakfast is considered as an effective remedy for weight reduction.
Hypertension and Heart Problem

Potassium salt, like beta blockers, can reduce the risk of hypertension and therefore heart problems. Banana, being a rich source of potassium and low in sodium is beneficial for high blood pressure patients.
Certain compounds in banana behave like angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors. ACE is responsible for rise in blood pressure. ACE inhibiting property has been found in six varieties of banana.

Improve Bowel 

It is thought that banana possesses a superior effect on kids and even adults having loose on their bowel movements. Fiber content of banana makes it a superior support in restoring the proper bowel movement devoid of the ill consequence of a medicine. In addition, with its soft surface and tasty flesh, it is applied as nutritional food battling intestinal disarray and unceasing ulcer cases. In over-acidity situations, bananas facilitate to stabilize its situation and decreases annoyance by covering the walling of the stomach. Eating a banana a day makes for good toilet time.
Urinary Disorder

Juice from banana stem is a well known remedy for urinary disorders. It helps to improve kidney and liver functions. It has been found that it is of great help in the treatment for the removal of kidney and gall bladder stones.

For Smokers

Taking banana at least one piece a day, according to some beliefs; can provide an additional two seconds of its life. Since every stick of a cigar removed one second of the smoker's existence, taking banana after finishing every stick of cigar, can offer another second of its life. The superior degrees of some vitamins and minerals like vitamin B6, B12, potassium and magnesium enclosed in bananas, are also valuable to populace attempting to end up smoking by giving them support to recuperate from the consequence of nicotine extraction.

So remember when someone says, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away", you can politely add in that a banana a day has about four times the effect! Bananas are definitely one of nature's super fruits, and you should be eating them regularly. Your mind, heart, and colon will thank you.

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