Best Joint Supplement For Arthritis

Recently, I have found a more natural remedy to stop my knee pain.  This lab supplement is still good for arthritis but I would prefer you to read about the natural healing first.  Since my first healing of my bleeding gum from doing coconut oil pulling with pure coconut oil, I am really attracted by nature healing power.


When I was age 47, I started to feel some pain on my left knee whenever I walk down the stairs.  My mum age 71 had knee issues too but I notice that her supplement does not seem to help even though it was prescribe by her doctor.  Therefore, I started researching for the best joint supplement for arthritis which my mum and I can consume to help ease the pain.

What I found was that consuming Cetyl Myristoleate (also known as CMO or CM) does help.

What is the substance Cetyl Myristoleate?

- Discover in 1970 by a chemist name Harry Diehl. He accidentally discovered an isolated substance (cetyl myristoleate, or CMO) that kept mice from getting arthritis.

- As Diehl himself began to suffer the debilitating symptoms of osteoarthritis, he decided to use this naturally-occurring chemical on himself and to his astonishment his swelling and pain decreased. After a few weeks he could hardly believe that he once suffered so from arthritis. 

CMO Trials

Clinical trials with CMO have shown numerous benefits for those afflicted with various forms of rheumatic diseases.  Other studies were done with great success using two 75 mg capsules in the morning and evening. All patients showed improvement even those who had crippling arthritis. 

Research demonstrates that CMO has an incredible effect on joint mobility and stand a chance to become the best joint supplement for arthritis. Anyone with arthritic pain who takes CMO will find an increase in joint motion since this nutrient possesses properties characteristic of essential fatty acids. In fact, CMO acts efficiently in relieving common forms of arthritis.  It’s effective because it “serves as a mediator of prostaglandin formation and metabolism; thus, CMO turns off the fires of chronic articular inflammation.”

CMO is a major benefit in the treatment of arthritis and autoimmune diseases because of its ability to restore the natural lubricants within the joints. 

Extracting Cetyl Myristoleate

CMO compound can be synthesized from beef bone marrow, fish oil, whale oil, and many other sources. When CMO is used synergistically with some natural supplements, it becomes more effective in building cartilage and lubricating the joints. Such supporting nutrients are natural vitamin E, glucosamine sulfate, omega-3 fatty acids, and lipase (a pancreatic enzyme). They all aid CMO in rebuilding cartilage that has slowly degenerated through the years. Researchers discovered that CMO was effective only for those who avoided alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine.


You can give Cetyl Myristoleate a try and if the first bottle does not work for you then do not waste your money on a second. 

CM Response Joint Action Formula Human 120 Capsules
Product Description

CM Response Joint Action Formula is uniquely designed to support and sustain joint and muscle health in people of all ages and activity levels. Used as recommended, this powerful joint action formula nourishes joint cartilage, supports flexibility and may ease the aching and discomfort that can occur from activity, training and competition.

Supplement Facts (three capsules contain the following):

Cetyl Myristoleate Complex Powder............... 1500 mg
Glucosamine-HCl (Non-Shellfish Source)............. 750 mg
MSM (MethylSulfonylMethane)............................ 300 mg
Hyaluronic Acid...................................................... 10 mg

Other Ingredients: Gelatin Capsule, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide

* Does not contain: Sugar, Salt, Starch, Yeast, Wheat, Gluten, Milk, or Egg.

Best Joint Supplement For Arthritis

User review of this supplement:

"A friend of mine who is into all kinds of holistic and miracle products raved about CM Response. Because she does so about other products, I kind of half-listened since I was't a true believer in such things -- I preferred prescriptions. But, after corisone shots and IB Profin did nothing to alleviate the soreness and swelling of an inflamed joint in my right hand finger, I thought I'd give CM Response a try -- nothing to lose. Not only did the swelling go down, but the soreness in my joints from arthritis -- though never severe -- also went away completely. Even when I squeeze those joints to prove a point, they are not at all sore. I now have CM Response as part of my daily vitamin regimen."

-- A Shelton

"I was a bit sceptical of spending more than $40 on a bottle of caps that is supposed to have a miracle inside. I am no more. This stuff worked for me and my dad. My dad turned me onto this stuff. His knee pain was getting worse and his doctor was trying to talk him into surgery. A neighbour told him to get this and he passed it on to me. I felt better in a couple of days and 100% better in a few weeks. I just wish it didn't cost so much."

-- S. Vega 

"I started taking this item when my daughter gave me a bottle of CM Response. I had been taking other over the counter products for joint health and not having any change in arthritis pain relief. After taking CM Response I have not had pain in my joints for several months. I recommend this product for anyone wanting joint relief."

-- B. Mason

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