How To Get Healthy Gums

First Encounter

I first learned of the benefits of pure coconut oil when my gum was unhealthy.  Those commercial mouth wash does not seems to help.  I found that chlorhexidine mouthwash does solve my gum problem but it had side effect which will cause staining of teeth and can cause tooth decay.  One of my friends who learned about my gum problem asked me to try using pure coconut oil to gargle my mouth for 15 to 20 minutes.  I doubted it at first but it seemed to help with the inflammation along the gum line that I was having. 

How To Get Healthy Gums Using Pure Coconut Oil

I used about a spoonful of this and swished it continuously for 15 to 20 minutes (lips closed) while reading or watching TV. Don't swallow it because it allegedly collects pollutants and you are supposed to spit it out afterwards. I didn't want to clog my sink drain so I would use a small plastic bag to spit the liquid out of my mouth and throw it into the trashcan. I did this for 3 months, morning and night before I brushed my teeth. By the time I went back to the dental hygienist for a 6 month cleaning appointment, she commented on how healthy my gums looked now and wanted to know what I'd done differently.  This was it. Good luck.
Oil Pulling

As my gum was healed, I was curious why pure coconut oil can save an unhealthy gum or prevent gingivitis gum disease.  My findings actually shown that this method already exists and it was commonly known as oil pulling.  Oil pulling with coconut oil has been in practiced for thousand of years in countries like India and China. It is completely harmless and consists of washing your mouth out with edible oil, but not swallowing it. You can really use any kind of edible oil such as sunflower, sesame, virgin olive or coconut oil but pure coconut oil was found to be the best. I am going to focus on oil pulling with pure or organic coconut oil as that is what I am actually using but really any oil which is cold pressed and not refined is fine to use. It has many oral and systemic health benefits.

How To Prevent Gum Bleeding

Oil pulling is effective in healing the gums, cleansing and brightening the teeth, healing oral infections, and curing bad breath.  If you really want to prevent gum bleeding, you should let oil pulling become a regular part of your daily routine. It's best to start first thing in the morning preference is on an empty stomach before eating or drinking but it doesn't really matter as long as you are doing it. The recommended amount is a spoonful (or any amount you feel comfortable to your mouth) of coconut oil for 15 to 20 minutes per day. For quicker results, you can do it in the morning and night. Make sure you are swishing the oil around in your mouth, in and out of your teeth for 15 to 20 minutes without swallowing the oil, then spitting it out and rinsing your mouth out a few times before brushing your teeth.

Saying Good-Bye

Yes, with daily oil pulling, you can now say “good-bye” to:

  • Tooth decay.
  • Gum disease.
  • Bad breath.
  • Loose teeth
  • Bleeding and receding gums
and say “Hello” to a bright white smile and healthy pink gums.

Detoxify Your Body

What is surprising when you do your pure coconut oil pulling daily is that it helps to detoxify your body. It doesn't work by killing germs but by drawing out the toxins from the deep crevices between the teeth, gums, and the small tube-like structures inside the teeth. The tongue and the teeth are the accessory organs for the digestive system and hold these toxins in which the oil pulling draws out.

Detox Symptoms

If you have many toxins in your body, you may experience detox symptoms when you start oil pulling. Some of these symptoms include pimples, headache, mucus, and congestion. These symptoms will disappear as you continue with the oil pulling. Since mucus drainage is one of the body's ways to remove toxins, you may experience increased flow of mucus from your throat and sinuses. This is normal to experience; it's just the body getting rid of the toxins.


It may be difficult to do the full 20 minutes of oil pulling with pure or virgin coconut oil at first. I recommend starting out in 5 or 10 minute increments. My first try with oil pulling was only 5 minutes. Just swish it for as long as you can, spit it out, and then start again. Try to do it for at least 15 minutes, once per day. Practice makes perfect. Try to keep yourself busy like during your shower, watching the news, or doing the dishes while oil pulling. When your time is up, just spit it out and rinse a few times with water and them brush your teeth with your regular toothpaste and you're done.

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Staying Healthy

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