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Thomas L. Pauley and Penelope J. Pauley Quotes

"Accepting your own good is essential to realizing the high estate the Universe has set for you. If you refuse the good you are offered, you are refusing God and you are denying yourself that which you desire most. Not a good idea if you want to get rich."

"Accepting our own good is the first step to prosperity.  Unless you accept the good you are given, nothing can come
to you."

"God created us rich. Every religion and potent philosophy in history teaches us how to tap into that heavenly storehouse."

"All we have to do is ask, and the wealth of the Universe is at our fingertips. A wealth filled with happiness and joy,
with fulfillment and satisfaction."

"Today, I know that when God closes a door, He also opens a window. All I needed to do was look for the open window."

"God wants us to have a beautiful, safe home; a strong, reliable car; success in business; gold and gems; a caring
love relationship; and a happy family. Ask for those things and the Universe will provide them for you."

"If you do not know what you want, you had better figure it out. Because if you do not know what you want, that is
exactly what you will getónothing." 

"We actually create our own reality."

"You donít have to beg, plead, politick, force, convince or do anything out of the ordinary. All you have to do is ask and be ready to receive. Imagine, then, the power of your mind."

"The creative power of the mind is endless. And the creative power of your mind can barely wait to give you all that you desire."

"If you love living today, if you treat your work as worship, you will grow and prosper."

"What goes around comes around. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction."

"You have heard about the Law of Cause and Effect all your life. You know itís true. What you put out comes back to haunt you or help you."

"What you put out gets multiplied at least tenfold. If you put out positive energy, you get back a multitude of good. If you put out negative energy, you get back a multitude of grief and hardship. If you put out anger, you get back a sea of anger. If you put out happiness, you get back a storehouse of happiness."

"If you send out loving, kind, magnanimous and caring words, thoughts and deeds, you will receive that goodness back multiplied. What you giveis what you get. No doubt about it."

"Sending out negative energy is a bad habit. This is something we all have to work on every day. It is entirely too easy to get angry at other drivers, neighbors, bosses, friends or loved ones."

"Allow only good and kind thoughts to enter your mind or leave your mouth. Imagine yourself sowing golden seeds of love
and kindness everywhere you go."

Contributed by Thomas L. Pauley and Penelope J. Pauley
I'm Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams: How to Get Everything You Want in Life

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