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Sonia Ricotti Quotes

"Change is inevitable.  It is happening all the time.  As much as we'd love to hold on to the safety and comfort of the known, we all come to a place in our lives where we are required to take the road of uncertainty."

"When you say yes to change, you are choosing to navigate that path peacefully and happily and see where it takes you."

"You may not know what the future holds and fear of the unknown can sometimes be overwhelming and nerve-wracking but just remember you have a choice of how to react to this situation."

"We can choose to look at whatever we want.  We can look at what's wrong in our life or we can look at what's right."

"Look for the good and forgive all the rest.  If a bad thought arises, just forgive it and let it go.  Of course, bad thoughts will come.  You may pick them up from outside sources or they may originate from you, but when they do arise, don't spend any time on them or give any room in your mind to them.  Just release them."

"Having bad thoughts such as hate, anger, or resentment toward another person is comparable to you drinking rat poison and hoping the rats die."

"Ultimately, I believe that when something tragic happens to us, it has been sent to us to strength us."

"A great way to unleash your true feelings is to write them out.  Buy a journal and write it each day.  Journaling is a powerful and therapeutic activity.  It is like having a conversation with yourself."

"The past is history.  It is no longer exists, but you are keeping it alive in your mind through your thoughts.  Let it go. It is not serving you."

"If you are holding on to your past and keeping it alive in your mind (as if it is still happening), it will dramatically affect your present and inevitably your future."

"The safety zone isn't always the most fulfilling place to be.  Sometimes it is quite mundane and purposeless and often feelings of unhappiness and emptiness creep in but it is safe."

"You can't make fear simply go away but what you can do is shift your relationship with your fear.  Instead of retreating when you feel fearful, feel excited.  When you feel fear, instead of backing away, move toward it.  When you do, you are moving toward a new awakened life."

"Opportunity comes when you continually push forward."

"Success is not what you do when you are on top.  Success is how high you bounce when you hit the bottom."

"Letting go and trusting in the universe is probably the all-time greatest challenge anyone can face.  Walking in the dark with total blind faith, not knowing where the next safe footing will be, afraid that the unknown will unveil more than we can handle is never easy.  Especially when life seems to be offering up one intense challenge after another."

"It isn't always easy to have faith when everything around you is falling apart, but trust, simply trust that all is unfolding with exact precision."

"Shift your thoughts what 'is' to a more positive one and you'll be amazed at what happens."

Contributed by Sonia Ricotti
How to Bounce Back Quickly When Life Knocks You Down

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