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Natalie Reid Quotes

"If you are not responsible for something, you cannot change it, so taking responsibility is the first step."

"Being wrong and making mistakes are human qualities that no living person can avoid. You cannot be a human being without making mistakes—that is one of the qualities of our species."

"Healing something in your past, therefore, will positively affect your future."

"We are free to choose how our lives should be; in fact we have the responsibility to do so. Each of us is free to make our lives better and make our universe and our world more peaceful and harmonious."

"We manifest by observing, or paying attention. What a person focuses on—and pays attention to—is what will show up in one’s life/world/universe."

"The magical part of this truth is that you can cause whatever it is you truly want to show up in your life. The secret is you have to prepare for it, and preparation takes responsibility, choice and focus. Your desire may even unfold over time. Although it is not difficult, the procedure does require your attention and concentration."

"Holding onto the past keeps it alive and gives it power in your present life. Instead of constantly reliving an old event, you can heal its emotional damage, and that healing will change you. It is you who needs to change, not the past."

"The Way to Change Anything in Your Life.  Eliminate what isn’t working for you.  Replace it with what you want."

"If you think you really want to change and it doesn’t happen, you will need to honestly examine your motivations, your convictions, and your determination."

"The choice of what you observe, therefore, is up to you. In order to see the world you desire, which includes the changes you wish to make, the work begins within yourself, not with what you’re observing."

"The subconscious mind works very much like a computer program that was installed without your knowledge."

"One interesting and effective way to engage the subconscious is to visualize, using a meditative approach. Visualizing is a way to “make believe,” to pretend that something you want is already real."

"To visualize, focus on your feelings. Just feel—pretend that it is real right now, that it is really happening and you have it already."

"A belief is a truth that you hold in your subconscious mind. It also works like a boundary, stopping anything that does not match that belief from coming into being."

"To reinforce the change you’ve made, write the new belief on a small piece of paper and put it where you’ll see it often, such as on the refrigerator door, or the bathroom mirror. Every time you see the piece of paper, stop and read the words. Do it with feeling."

"Once you change your belief to one that is more positive, your attitude needs to change, too—and usually with a positive belief, the attitude shift is nearly automatic."

"With a new belief, your attitude will become more positive. With an optimistic new attitude, your feelings will be increasingly enthusiastic and your thoughts will follow."

Contributed by Natalie Reid
5 Steps to a Quantum Life

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