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Tey Bin Yuen Quotes

"If you're dare to move out of your comfort zone and play, you'll be able to create miracles and sing the song of your life joyously."

"Life is about serving, loving, encouraging and empowering and so long as you're willing to stretch and create more value in the world, you're bound to live your life with fewer regrets and with more inner bliss."

"People who see themselves as worthy are more likely to give their very best at whatever they do."

"While great success is not achieved overnight; little achievements will certainly reinforce your belief that you are capable of achieving so much more, no matter where you are in your life right now."

"As the saying goes, success breeds success.  So you may start from today, counting, acknowledging and even celebrating every single success daily."

"Sharing is not only the best way to learn, it gives you a strong sense of accomplishment when you have the privilege to witness the transformation of others."

"When you have a goal to achieve something within a certain timeframe, you are more likely to be focused.  The timeframe could vary from days to years.  Think of something that you are determined to finish or act upon during the day ahead."

"By knowing your gifts and being willing to move out of your comfort zone to develop a circle of competence, you will gain more strength and able to contribute more to mankind."

"To love yourself more, just surround yourself with positive thoughts, words and people and nourish your body with healthy food and regular exercise."
"As a human being, you need to continuously learn and grow in order to feel that you are truly living!  Moving out of your comfort zone to acquire a new skill or gain different experience is an effective way to fulfil your emotional need." Tey Bin Yuen Quotes
"The benefits of exercise cannot be emphasized enough.  Besides the normal advantage such as keeping your heart healthy, improving your muscular and bone strength and maintain your blood pressure level, exercise is a great way to unwind, improve your outlook on life and enhance your self-esteem."

"Listening to pleasing music stimulate and relax your body and mind.  Research has shown that soothing music help to increase the serotonin levels of the brain which helps to alleviate depression."

"Laughter enhances your bonding with others and improves your relationships.  When your life is more harmonious with people and the environment, you will receive ideas more smoothly, either from the universe or from other sources."

"Self-image is how you perceive yourself rather than how others perceive you.  Put it this way: if you do not see yourself as great and appreciate your beauty, how would others?"

"If you always do your best and stretch your capability, you will become an able and praiseworthy person.  You will trust yourself and love yourself, your mind will recognize this and it becomes part of you, which is your beautiful soul, a soul with healthy self-image."

"All my experiences have made me who I am today.  The success and blessings I'm enjoying now are a result of my past experiences, both good and bad."

"The secret of being successful is being yourself.  That's how you gain respect from other people."

Contributed by Tey Bin Yuen
Life Beyond The Comfort Zone

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