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Sayan Chakraborty Quotes

"We all know and understand that fear is a state of mind. It is basically an emotion and we are surrounded by different kinds of fears which restrain us from living our lives fully. Thus, we must be committed to win our fears."

"Zero knowledge or full knowledge about the consequences of any activity results in no fear."

"Identify what you want to be in life. Then, identify the things which are holding you back from what you want to be."

"Fear is nothing more than a negative flow of consciousness, a mental demon which you have created in your mind. Your
fear has no place to live except your mind." 

"Conquering fear is all about going to the unknown zone and doing the things which you are not used to doing."

"The same habits will bring you the same results always. So, to achieve a different result, you must do things differently, and to do things differently, you must think differently."

"Your old thoughts and beliefs will only change if the dynamic inertia of your desire for a new thought is greater than the static inertia of the existing thoughts."

"Our left brain is analytical, logical and our right brain is the part from where innovation takes birth. Highly effective
people remain most of the time in their right brain."

"Your thoughts get nutrition from your own mind. The only food that provides nutrition to it is your attention." 

"Fear reduces its intensity and becomes worry. Worry is like slow poison. It kills people mentally without knowing."

"Your most important purpose in life is to be happy, and true happiness lies in the present and not in the moments which you have already lived or which you are supposed to live in the days to come."

"Your belief system is the by-product of your thoughts and your actions are the byproduct of your belief systems."

"Watch your beliefs, they become your thoughts, watch your thoughts they become your practice, watch your practice they become your behaviour, watch your behaviour they become your character and finally, if you watch your character they become your destiny."

"Your purpose of life is a journey not a destination."

"The quality of your life is a result of the quality of your contribution. When you work to improve othersí life, indirectly, your own life elevates." 

"It is most important in life to deep dive within yourselves and find who you are and why are you here on this planet.
Discovering your purpose and serving to it with all you have will give you eternal happiness."

"Anything which canít be measured canít be improved. So, your contribution to your purpose must be measured in order to improve it."

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