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Jack Kornfield Quotes

"However difficult your circumstances, however uncertain the times, remember, freedom is not reserved for exceptional people. No one can imprison your spirit."

"You can choose your spirit. Freedom, Love, and Joy are yours, in your very life, your exact circumstance. They are your birthright." 

"Breathe. Relax. Live each day one at a time."

"Pay attention to the movie showing in your life right now. Notice the plot. It might be an adventure, a tragedy, a romance, a soap opera, or a battle. ďAll the worldís a stage,Ē wrote Shakespeare."

"When you feel lost, stuck in a tiny part of the big picture, contracted, or caught up, take a breath and visualize yourself stepping back. With a spacious mind, you can witness even these contracted states and hold them in loving awareness."

"Let all experience be like clouds. The breath moves as it will. Sensations float and change. Allow all thoughts and images, feelings and sounds to come and go, floating in the clear open space of awareness."

"When you open to any form of love, others feel it. Neuroscience calls this limbic resonance. Your mirror neurons and whole nervous system are constantly attuned to those around you, and love is communicable."

"We can survive and grow strong, like the wild trees on mountain ridges that have weathered storms and become beautiful. With trust, we plant our seeds, tend them, and discover that although it isnít possible to control the world, we can always care for the garden of our life."

"Even when weíve lost money, our job, a relationship, or hope, it is not the end. Like the grass that pushes through cracks in the sidewalk, trust can grow again."

"Yes, things are uncertain, but wisdom brings us love, perspective, and the ability to trust. Wisdom invites us to live with a trusting heart."

"We canít know how life will turn out. Sometimes a painful process leads to an unexpectedly better circumstance later. Sometimes it doesnít and becomes a difficult lesson for your soul to learn. Itís all the music of life, and all is workable.
With wise trust, your heart can be free wherever you are."

"With trust, we can put down the demons of fear and insecurity and allow the unfolding of life. With a trusting heart, we become both loving and detached, combining serenity and care, open to whatever comes."

"In every cycle and vocation of life, we have to relearn the art of trust. Every night we die, trusting in the oblivion of sleep, and we awaken the next morning reborn to fresh sunlight."

"You can choose to resist or be gracious. If you age without trust, you will contract and suffer, already turning toward death. Your heart will not be free to love and enjoy each day, to dance with life."

"Relax into now; it is your home. As you take care to live now, you will discover that it covers the whole of time. Just this momentóas you read this pageópause and reflect on your plans for the day. Notice that you are here, now, envisioning plans. You can plan and remember, but it all happens now."

"Hurrying and worrying donít bring more time. All we truly ever have is the present moment."

"Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, stop. Take a breath. Freedom comes alive whenever you are present and not lost in thought."

Quotes of wisdom by Jack Kornfield
No Time Like the Present

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