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Dan Sullivan and Catherine Nomura Quotes

"You stop growing when you live in the past, and dwell on unpleasant experiences or missed opportunities."

"Ask yourself what your larger destiny might be. Imagining a larger and better future is the raw resource for personal growth."

"Regardless of how much time you have left to live, you can decide what to make of it and how to make it grander than your past."

"You learn something from everything you do, whether it's small or large, or goes right or wrong. Analyze these components of your experiences to help you figure out what to improve and what to divest."

"If you cultivate an attitude of continual growth, you will learn something in any situation. Donít close off learning."

"Don't focus on the material rewards of success. Concentrate on your gifts and how you can use them to benefit others. Focus on service and the rewards will come."

"Usually, people excel in the activities that bring them the greatest enjoyment. Cultivate your "unique abilities" to have
fun and find more ways to give back to the world."

"The key to continuous growth is pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone. You must use your confidence or lose it. Don't get too comfortable resting on your laurels."

"Everyone is afraid to venture into unknown territory, but high performers donít let fear stop them."

"Even if you arenít able to complete everything you aimed for, the valuable lessons you learn will more than make up for your disappointment and will prepare you for the next round of risk-taking."

"Money can never make up for the rewards of living your life grounded in the truths you most value."

"Choose a lifestyle of continual learning, according to your values, "unique abilities" and sense of purpose, to add
immeasurably to the quality of the world around you, the world you are helping create."

"Concentrate on your performance to deepen your insights and your understanding of yourself."

"Express yourself through your proficiency. Use it as a measure of who you are as a person."

"Don't wait until someone does something nice, or offers his or her support. Be grateful for your circumstances."

"A job seems more manageable when you enjoy it, and grasp the unexpected insights and learning opportunities it provides. This attitude also attracts others to your projects or goals."

"Be honest about your desired outcomes. Will the results you want contribute value to others or do they only bolster your ego? Don't erode your growth potential by clinging to your status."

Quotes of wisdom by Dan Sullivan and Catherine Nomura
The Laws of Lifetime Growth

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