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Rosamund Stone Zander Quotes

"To overcome the pull of old habits, stay mindful and surround yourself with people doing energetic things."

"Examine, one by one, the words you are using to define a problem that confronts you. Redefine any words that are causing fear in you, or resistance, or that imply a struggle, until the struggle and fear subside."

"Remember that a person is a story in motion made up of many parts, and beyond that story is an unexpressed infinite self, waiting to be activated by the open channel of your being."

"The amazing thing is that when you are willing to make the effort to be responsible for how life has been occurring to you and to clear yourself of the bits and pieces of out-of-date narratives—either by simply dropping them or locating them in the context of your development—other people’s essential beings will appear before you like magical characters in fairy tales."

"Commitment here means dedication to a cause that is beneficial to the whole."

"The lesson here is that if you open your eyes and heart and assume you can see what wants to happen, you will very likely fall into deep resonance with the world around you, so you will be able to see how things are moving into the future."

"She had learned that she wasn’t afraid to stand up to anything: she had become an old hand at saying a definitive 'NO.'"
"Perhaps the most important thing we have learned so far is that if we shift our attention away from what we think we want, and put it on what our hearts tell us life wants, we will find ourselves extremely powerful in creating the conditions and connections that were missing." Rosamund Stone Zander Quotes
"She maintains an attitude that if you believe in something, having faith that something will work will make it work,
and because her vision and its articulation bring out similar energies in others, it usually does."

"First, it demonstrates that achieving informed clarity about what you want that is in tune with what we surmise all people want in an abundant world is key to creating resonance patterns."

"She demonstrates that if you walk with confidence and passion, abundance will very likely show up around you."

"Daniella reveals, as do many of the other characters in this section, that you don’t have to be born with resources or privilege to make a contribution to the world and live a connected, emotionally rich life."

"If we could look through appearances and view things on a much smaller scale, we would see that everything is dynamic; every part of everything is making connections, reacting, and changing."

"I’m a big fan of inquiring as to what lies outside the frame of our view in almost every case."

"Or in a more dynamic image, perhaps we could conjure the concept of the universe as a giant termite mound, where each individual, by action and reaction, knows what part to play to grow and maintain the whole."

"Our great human gift, comparable to the ant’s communication and rebuilding skills, is the ability to tell one another our stories of healing and renewal."

"We reconcile by acts, and words; we restore through how we relate and how we grow; we inspire through what we build and the art we make; and we cure ourselves by how we care for others and what we give away. In those ways we bring our hearts into a collective resonance."

Quotes of wisdom by Rosamund Stone Zander
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