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Melvyn L. Fein. Quotes - Unlocking Your Inner Courage

"We may never fully overcome our uncertainties; nonetheless we can be bold enough to deal with life's challenges."

"Happily, almost all of us, despite our doubts, are stronger than we imagine. Almost none of us are prey to the congenital weaknesses that we dread."

"We may be afraid, but if we refuse to run away, that is, if we take on our assigned tasks diligently and intelligently, then we too are brave. We do not have to win; we do not even have for endure with complete grace. But we must persist, despite our fears. That is what counts."

"Almost all of us can do more and be more, if we choose."

"If people are to be winners, if they are to fulfill their potential, they must possess courage. If they do not, if they make excuses and avoid the possibility of failure, they are sure to failóno matter how strenuously they proclaim their inherent worth."

"People who are besotted by luxury abstain from the discomfort of fighting, even on their own behalf. Accustomed to being pampered, they fritter away their moral fiber."

"Winning takes courage, yet courage is difficult to acquire and dangerous to act upon."

"Courage is attained; it is not granted. No one is born with it. Although we arrive in this world with its possibility, it is up to us to realize it."

"People who are brave enough to stand up to life's hardships have a better chance of surmounting them. They are thus more likely to acquire satisfying jobs and loving relationships."

"People who never feel pain are in far more danger than those who do. To never endure pain is never to be alerted to what might be harmful." 

"People who never fail never win. If they never compete, they never secure genuine victories."

"Good decisions are informed decisions. Courageous people enter the fray with their eyes open and their loins girded for
whatever is to come."

"What we grow up to be is not a given. As a result, if we do not discover who we are, explore the work available to us, or put in the effort to develop the requisite skills, we are apt to be burdened by occupational frustration."

"The greatest fulfillment goes to those who take chances. Individuals with the fortitude to try, and then if they stumble,
to try again, are likely to achieve at least the satisfaction of knowing they did what they could."

"Success neither in work nor in love is free. Both must be earned."

"Life is a marathon; not a sprint. Those who insist on instant success are sure to be frustrated. Worse still, they diminish their chances of overcoming their fears."

"People who think of themselves as losers tend to lose. Conversely those who consider themselves winners are more apt to win. Confidence makes a difference."

Quotes of wisdom by Melvyn L. Fein.
Unlocking Your Inner Courage

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