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"One of life's certainties that you cannot inspire if you are not yourself inspired."

"Become an expert in what motivates you in your career. Be prepared to use that information to ask questions at interview about what will continuously motivate you."

"Our thoughts are not at all easy to change, especially if we have had them for a long time."

"Of course, we have weaknesses, but we all too often emphasize those at the expense of our strengths."

"An ability to modify and be in charge of our thinking allows us to react more effectively and appropriately to events in our lives."

"Life is full of grey areas and mistakes are unimportant. You recover and move on. In fact I think mistakes are rather endearing."

"You can have fun without winning at all costs. Start doing things for the hell of it, not to be the best around."

"Apparently when someone is training fleas they put them in a tank and place a piece of glass over the top to stop them jumping out, for just 24 hours. The fleas leap up to what they believe is freedom and bump their heads on the lid. A couple of shots of this and a tankful of concussed fleas one day later has them never attempting to jump out again."

"I think we ourselves put lids on our lives by over-generalizing from only one bad experience. We set limits on our progress, more than anyone else in our lives."

"Tell yourself continuously that failure is OK. It may not be pleasant and may even feel profoundly uncomfortable but it does not make you a bad person or even a lesser being Ė just human."

"Successful people overcome adversity, not avoid it."

"Visualization is a much more powerful tool than most of us realize. If we visualize a successful outcome, then it is much more likely to happen as we are drawn to that conclusion. It is a kind of mental programming."

"The trick with visualization is to imagine good outcomes as vividly as possible."

"If you are going to embark on a policy of improving the situation, then you must start to envisage positive outcomes."

"What I find spectacular about some people I have worked with is that once they have mastered one aspect or difficulty they then go on to use their new skills to master even more challenging problems."

"To exercise willpower, you require a meaningful goal, one that is meaningful to you; for example, going to university, a physically or mentally stretching challenge, staying alive."

"Be prepared to put up with a lack of comfort in new or unusual circumstances, knowing that this will pass."

"You can have all the potential in the world but without focus your abilities and talent are useless. In the way that sunlight canít burn through anything without a magnifying glass, you canít achieve anything unless a goal is focusing your effort."

"By setting goals you are also able to measure your progress because you have a fixed endpoint."

"If a deadline is three months away, divide it into several short-term goals so you can complete a piece of the larger long-term goal every week or even every day. Diary it in, lest you forget."

"You learn best by relating new ideas to prior knowledge and personal experience. You thrive where there is respect for everyoneís ideas and where people work together towards a common goal."

"Willpower is the initial grit that gets us over the temptation to return to the status quo or our default setting of doing nothing in the face of a demanding challenge."

"Draw your goals. Drawing triggers memory like no other tool. If you are resistant to that idea, cut out some relevant pictures for magazines. We remember the visual image 30% more than the written word."

"Visualising the process helped focus attention on the steps needed to reach the goal, so planning and control were increased."

"Visualisation builds a bridge between you and the future and allows you to think and feel positively about the achievement of your goals in advance and the steps you need to take to get there."

"Keep reminders of your goals and mini goals around you prominently displayed as you might tend to forget them in the
hurly burly of your life."

"Sleep is important to our functioning and to willpower. Sleep deprivation Ė getting less than six hours a night Ė impairs how the body and brain use energy."

"Focus on why you are doing it. Have the reward firmly in your mind as an end-point."

"One of the things Iíve learned in life is that itís ok to be wrong. I just make decisions, and I make lots of good ones and I also get things wrong but Iím not the sort of person who beats myself up; as long as Iím generally heading in the right direction and learn from my mistakes Iím un-phased."

"Acceptance is the key to everything, whatever it might be, and is the key to change. Youíve got to be able to love yourself a bit to be able to move on."

"If your mind is active with issues of the day, keep a notepad by your bed to jot ideas down. You will then relax and sleep with a clear mind."

"There is always something therapeutic about writing things down. Getting it out of your head and down on paper objectifies and clarifies."

Written by Famous Author : Ros Taylor
The Complete Mind Makeover

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