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"If you think about success and confidence, you will feel strong and empowered and perform with competence. If you are focused on the “what ifs” and anticipate failure, your performance will reflect the negative thoughts you programmed
into your mind."

"Light from an ordinary flame is unfocused and flickers impotently, while a laser beam is highly focused light and will cut steel. If you and your business are not focused, your efforts will diffuse into nothing."

"After all, how can anyone do their best and be a peak performer when they have no interest in what they are doing.  Without enthusiasm, a robot can do it better!"

"Give more than you receive – not just money – but intangibles such as encouragement, love, support, and time."

"Winners never use the word “rejection,” which truly is a figment of our imagination and how we choose to perceive events. The word “failure” is also never, ever spoken. Instead, there is only feedback, corrections, improvements, and lessons to be learned."

"As Yoda from Star Wars so succinctly put it: “There is no try… there is only do!”"

"The lesson for all of us is that it may not be how fast you ski the race or achieve your goals. The true victory goes to those who get back up or bounce back the fastest."

"More than beating the odds, it is rising above the odds."

"With a positive belief in not only what you might achieve, but also in what you deserve, you eliminate the self-sabotage that has destroyed the possibilities of so many potential peak performers."

"Winners don’t talk about trying, but only what must be done."

"It is never a question of what can or cannot be done, but only an awareness of personal strengths and what needs to be done."

"While a dream engages mental images either subconsciously or by conscious wishful thinking, a mission is more of a directed function or task, often with a specific goal for a meaningful reason."

"Questions also trigger the brain into a search 24/7 for the answer to our questions. When we ask questions it engages all our faculties into an active pursuit."

"A dream begins as an idea that won’t leave you alone. It can come from anywhere, at any time, and surprise you in curious ways."

"Having fun helps you swim a long river, explore the deepest cave, or gaze through a microscope for hours on end. Laughter keeps you stay sane and happy along the way to making your dream come true."

"When you plant the corn, fertilize it, help it grow, and then reap the rewards at harvest time, you understand the entire process from the alpha to the omega."

"You can educate a fool, but you can’t make him think. Education is too often about stuffing the brain rather than developing
the mind."

"Innate Talent + Focused Discipline x Perseverance = Success."

Written by Famous Author : Barry Farber
Diamond in the Rough: The secret to finding your own value - and making your own success

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