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"Shifting your perspectives will make your life reflect your strengths rather than your weaknesses."

"Being selfless is one way to do that, to help ease the world’s suffering, by reaching out and supporting your fellow man. It’s beautiful, and crucial to our survival."

"Learning to journey inside and come out stronger and more knowledgeable is to become a more powerful creator."

"Then, like tending a plant, you must keep it alive and growing by nurturing it at the roots."

"If you want to make, and keep, your life the way you want it, you must be willing to let go of what it is you do not want."

"If you want to be more effective as a person, a lover, and a friend; be successful and happy; and have a strong sense of self from which to create your life as you dreamed it could be, you have to get rid of everything, and I mean everything , that is consistently getting in your way."

"If you live, drive, and work amid enough disorganization and negative energy vibes, you can experience negative physical
and mental effects — such as stress, insomnia, and illness — all from practicing neglect of your outer alignment. Don’t think that your soul and the universe don’t know what’s under your bed — they do."

"The amount of acceptance, understanding, empathy, and reverence you have for yourself directly affects how fully you can
give to or receive from another person."

"If you can remember that pain is but an outer illusion, however, then, like peeling back the layers of a tire until the steel shines through, you will discover the strength inside to deal with anything that comes."

"We attract the people to us who reflect the relationship we’re having with ourselves. There can be no other way for the universe except to give you what you’re asking for through doing."

"Who you really are at the soul level is an energetic superstore containing the basic energy from which you could form
every possible thought, emotion, and action. Each of us has the potential to choose the most uplifting action, or the most horrible one."

"A key to loving yourself is to understand that what you do habitually becomes your outer costume of who you are, but
who you really are is nonaction, or what the Buddhists call 'emptiness.'”

"Resistance happens any time we stand in the way of our own forward momentum. We block ourselves from real happiness, love, and fulfi llment in countless ways."

"Ultimately, those you keep around deeply affect your inner road trip. To clear your way toward becoming the best of yourself, it’s in your interests to relate most often to friends, family, partners, and co-workers who bring out the best in you, not the worst."

"It is interesting that happiness is a state of inner wealth, and the word wealth originally meant happiness."

Written by Famous Author : Sadie Nardini
Road Trip Guide to the Soul: A 9-Step Guide to Reaching Your Inner Self and Revolutionizing Your Life

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