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Rhonda Sciortino Quotes

"The common thread for all of us is that finding and fulfilling our purpose requires strength, persistence, determination, courage, and the other characteristics of successful survivors."

"The important thing for all survivors of traumatic experiences to realize is that it is their choice whether to mine the lessons from their pain and move past it, or else be poisoned by it."

"Rather than dwelling on the past, and talking about what happened or who was involved, itís time for a change. Itís time to find what good can come from past pains by leverage what weíve learned to become successful survivors."

"Regardless of your personal faith, or even lack thereof, I encourage you to believe that there is something good about you; that there is a purpose for your life, and that you can find and fulfill it."

"You can turn negative events in your past into something positive, by mining the lessons out of your experiences and leveraging the character strengths and coping mechanisms youíve developed through that pain."

"Successful survivors donít just surviveóthey thrive. They grow stronger after overcoming adversity. And the pivotal step to this important progression is nothing more than oneís choice of mindset and attitude."

"The people we choose to share our lives with have an incredible impact not only on the path our lives take, but the way we see ourselves."

"When we identify good things about ourselves, we feel better. When we feel better, we make better choices."

"No matter what has happened to you, or what youíve done or failed to do, you can mine lessons from the adversity youíve experienced to release the potential trapped inside you. Doing this work can be transformationalóand you are the only one who can do it."

"Because of past adversity, they have learned how to process pain and grieve losses better than those who havenít had the opportunity to go through tough times. Having been forced to dig deep and tap into whatever it takes to get through, successful survivors are better equipped to process, or even embrace future conflict."

"No one can force you to suffer if you choose not to suffer."

"Strong people see adversity as an opportunity to improve their lives. They choose to see adversity as the channel through which their dreams can emerge."

"Strong successful survivors learn that having their opinions or ideas rejected does not equate to a rejection of them."

"See adversity as an opportunity for growth and a challenge to improve your life, knowing that you have the strength necessary to turn any negativity you face into a learning opportunity."

"Consider a desire or goal that you have given up on. If the desire or goal is part of the life you would like to live, resurrect it. Do the research necessary to determine what it will take to make your goal a reality."

"People who choose to have a positive attitude donít blame others, even when their current circumstances are the direct result of someone elseís actions or failure to act."

"Placing blame implies that someone else is in charge of our lives. In fact, the very act of blaming others for the circumstances we face puts us in the position of being seemingly helpless victims, which opens the door to self-pity and

Quotes of wisdom by Rhonda Sciortino
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