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Norman E Rosenthal MD Quotes

"Your friends are your treasures; take care of them. If all you can do for a friend is simply be there, then do so. Just being there is an act of friendship."

"Your memories make you who you are; if you lose them, you lose part of yourself. So use and enjoy them, for they are among life’s treasures."

"One problem with knowing your brain is that its contents are hidden—until you learn to decode them by the process of

"Your brain is unique. The better you understand its special qualities—both good and not so good—the more rewarding and successful your life will be."

"We need to build on our strengths, while also locating and using whatever help we need to deal with our weaknesses."

"Whether you are a champion athlete or a weekend warrior, listen to the wisdom of your body and let it educate you about the nature of strengths and weaknesses, both in yourself and in others. Let your body’s wisdom guide you as to what activities you are most likely to enjoy and benefit from."

"It’s a great comfort to be yourself, and a goal worth striving for, even though it may temporarily make life more difficult."

"Understand the powerful forces of history that shape your world. Like a compass to a sailor, such understanding can help you chart your course through life."

"Be wary of authority figures. They are human, fallible, and powerful—a potentially dangerous combination."

"Reach out to those who are lonely, sad, or different, who may be suffering more than you know. As little as a smile or a friendly word can make a difference—and it may make you feel good, too."

"When a person is rude or unkind to you, consider that he or she may be carrying some hidden burden. What you might interpret as a personal affront may well have nothing to do with you."

"So it is that by being flexible in our thinking and willing to entertain an opposite set of ideas, we can overcome adversity and improve our chances for success and happiness."

"Try to use difficulties, setbacks, and imperfections as a stimulus to creativity whenever they arise. When you feel trapped, like a fly bumping against glass, look for a novel solution. Fly some other way!"

"Be slow to judge people who are in crisis. If you choose to give advice, be sure to customize it to the people and circumstances."

"Understanding is a key to love."

"You carry a great laboratory in your own mind. If you use that laboratory, by a careful process of observation, you will discover wonders within yourself and may find solutions to the great issues that confront you (and others)—including how best to regulate your sense of well-being."

"Success in life depends, to a large extent, on your ability to collaborate. Although the ability to work alone is a
virtue, interdependence is increasingly necessary in our complex world."

Quotes of wisdom by Norman E Rosenthal MD
The Gift of Adversity

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